Quilt Rose Seed Bead Pattern

by Deb Bergs

Originally designed by Deb Bergs for the 9-11-01 Beadquilt project, this beautiful rose also works up beautifully as a yellow rose and white/cream rose. Freeform beadwork can be added to make the rose more 3-dimensional. Create your own rose with Delica seed beads and brick stitch.

Project name: Quilt Rose
Panel width, height: 3.00, 3.00
Weave: Brick
Total colors: 11
Total beads: 2700

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Name Quantity
DB745 48
DB873 146
DB75 108
DB373 31
DB24 68
DB124 43
DB351 1270
DB753 258
DB880 166
DB200 182
DB10 380

Pattern brought to you by Deb Bergs.

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