Buffalo Head

by Sigrid Wynne-Evans

Tape the pattern pieces together and work the pattern in brick stitch. While you can start with any row, I would recommend starting with a row that goes through the buffalo's nose (one of the longest rows). Shape (increasing/decreasing) as needed.

Add straps (strung beads) to the top. I would recommend adding fringe by making a strip of beads a few rows wide and long enough to fit across the buffalo, just across his nose. Stitch this strip to the back, and form your fringe from it. This keeps the fringe in back and really helps the buffalo to stand out.

Project name: Buffalo Head
Panel width, height: 4.45, 6.00
Weave: Brickstitch
Total colors: 18
Total beads: 6065

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Name Quantity
DB200 15
DB211 10
DB242 34
DB301 645
DB306 1225
DB307 1323
DB310 1117
DB311 367
DB312 192
DB321 352
DB322 32
DB325 184
DB761 115
DB769 61
DB853 70
DB287 193
DB10 31
DB01 99

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