How to $AVE BIG with Assortability

ASSORTABILITY gives you the flexibility to order any combination of products that are in the same assortable group and receive a large discount. Your price is based on the total quantity of products ordered in the same assortability group. Below are two examples of assortability.

Example 1

If you order five or more beads in a group of assortable beads, you pay just the 5-24 price for each of them.

Here we order a total of 7 beads: You pay only $8.60
You save $2.90

Example 2

To save even more, when you order a total of 25 or more beads, in any combination, from an assortability group, you will pay only the 25-99 price for each.

Here we order a total of 32 beads: You pay only $29.20
You save $13.80!

ASSORTABILITY group symbols show you which products are assortable. Any items--within any assortability group--can be combined to accumulate your total. Each group has a different color symbol. Items that display these icons are assortable with other items in their group for quantity discount pricing.