Sterling Silver Link Necklace

by Lisa from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
Sterling silver and onyx are often thought of when dressing up casual wear or when accompanying a Southwest look. Think "high elegance" when sterling silver links set with these semi-precious stones combine to create a stylish look suitable for the most formal occasion. Press that little black dress or dust off that strapless gown and get ready to go to town for a surprisingly glamorous project.

Attach two jumprings to the same end of a round sterling silver round onyx cabochon. This first cabochon will be the centerpiece of the necklace.

(Tip: Always open eyepins and jumprings using two pliers. These can be flat-nose, round-nose or a combination of both. To open jumprings/loops without distorting them, hold one end of the loop stationary with a pair of pliers. With the other pair of pliers, twisting the end outward to the side, rather than pulling the ends away from each other in a parallel position. Close the loop by swinging it back into place with the pliers.)
Make two link strands using the following components. Assemble the strands in the order listed. Attach these components together with jumprings.
  1. Turquoise drop with double loops on one side (attach the single loop side to the onyx cab) and a single loop on the other
  2. Sterling silver pointed oval link (attached to the topmost loop on the turquoise drop)
  3. Sterling silver round onyx cabochon
  4. Sterling silver oval turquoise link
  5. Sterling silver pointed oval link
  6. Sterling silver round onyx cabochon
  7. Sterling silver twisted oval twist with 2 loops
  8. Sterling silver twisted oval twist with 2 loops
Attach each strand to the jumprings on the center onyx cabochon completed in Step 1. The ends with the turquoise drop (component #1) should be attached facing the center onyx cabochon.
Attach the fancy sterling silver clasp to the ends of the necklace using jumprings (the ends should be the twisted oval links, components #8]).
To make the center dangle, add three black seed beads to an eyepin. Bend the end of the pin at a 90 degree angle, 3/8 inch from the end.
Bend the angled wire into a loop using round-nose pliers.
Turn the headpin with the loop facing downward so that the seed beads rest against the eye formed in the loop. Bend the remaining length of wire at a 90 degree angle. Make sure the wire is bent in the same direction as the first loop.
Trim the bent wire end to 3/8 inch in length with the wire nippers. Form a loop out of the trimmed length as in Step 6.
Open one end of the eye/bead component you've just made. Attach it to the bottom loop of the center sterling silver onyx cabochon link on the necklace.
Open the bottom loop of the dangle and add the sterling silver flower link.
Create four more black seed bead dangles (two with 3 beads and two with 2 beads) as described in Steps 5 - 8.
Attach the 2-bead dangles to one end of two sterling silver oval twists (with 2 loops). Attach this combination dangle (bead end down) to the open-bottom link of the turquoise components on either side of the center onyx cabochon.
Attach a 3-bead dangle to the open-bottom loop (facing outward) in the pointed oval links, with a jumpring (component #3).
Attach a twisted oval link (with one loop) to the open-top loop (facing outward) of the pointed oval links with a jumpring (component #3).

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