Bracelets with Seed Beads and Czech Pressed Glass Beads

Courtesy of Preciosa

Pebble in the Embrace of Seed Beads

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Preciosa Ornela presents bracelets made using the new size of popular pebble-shaped pressed beads supplemented with wire spirals and Preciosa Farfalle™ seed beads.

The confirmed popularity of fantasy-shaped pressed beads over a number of seasons has convinced the manufacturer to supplement its range with a number of other sizes. As such, the pebble-shaped bead range from the Preciosa traditional Czech beads brand is currently available in the 26 x22mm and 22x18mm sizes and in the new 18 x15 mm size. The size range has expanded the existing beadwork options and given rise to further variants and variations for their use. Try out the combination of the popular pebble-shaped beads with the unique Preciosa Farfalle seed beads in their smallest size of 2x4mm.

We wish you much inspiration with beads and seed beads from the Preciosa traditional Czech beads brand.

Begin Creating Simple Loop Simple Loop Wire

Double Knot Stretch Cord Finished Product

Option One

The wire can be twisted onto the bead in two ways: either directly onto the bead or in advance using the cylinder and then mounted onto the bead.

Twisting the wire directly onto the bead. Create a loop on the wire using the needle nose pliers.

String 7 - 9cm of F onto it. Thread the wire loop onto the strong wire and pull the PB up to it. Hold everything tightly and twist the wire. Finish it with a loop. Modify the loop and press it to the PB. Proceed in this way nine times. This will be created with every other twist. Prepare a stringing from four strands of stretch cord. String the PB along with the surrounding wire loops. Adapt the size of the knot when tying off the stretch cord to the size of the hole in the PB. Cut off the excess and pull it into the PB.

Option Two

Twisting the wire onto a thicker cylinder (a pen, a felt tip pen).

Select the circumference of the cylinder according to the size of the bead. Select a smaller circumference (a ballpoint pen) for the crystal PB. Create a loop on the twisted wire. String 6cm of F. Leave about 0.50cm of free wire and create a second loop. Twist it around the cylinder. Arrange the wire loops. String them with the PB onto the strong wire and press the loops closed. Now repeat this eleven times. The twists will once again be different. String the PB with the wire twists onto four strands of stretch cord and adapt the double knot to the size of the bead.

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