Warping a Mirrix Loom for Beadwork Without the Shedding Device

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To figure out what warp coil to use, put about two inches worth of beads on a needle and count the number in an inch. The coil should have approximately that number of dents. Numbers do not have to match perfectly. For example, you can use either an eighteen or sixteen dent coil with size 11/0 Delicas.

Note: If you bought the 8-inch Lani Loom without the shedding device, it only comes with one 14 dent spring. The clips that come with the Lani Loom are also different (again, if you did not buy it with a shedding device).They work in the same way. Please refer to our Mini Mirrix warping instructions if you have a 5-inch Mini Mirrix that you want to warp for beadwork.

Line Wood Clip About 3 Inches from Top Beam Line up the wooden clips 2 to 3 inches from the bottom of the top beam.

Note: If your loom has the plastic black clips, you will need to attach them to the back of the loom with the indentations for the warping bar facing the inside.
Adjust Height of Loom

Have Atleast One Inch of Threaded Rod Showing
Adjust height of loom to accommodate the length of weaving you plan to make. Do this by rotating the wing nuts (clockwise to shorten the loom and counter clockwise to lengthen the loom.) Make sure you have at least an inch of threaded rod exposed at the bottom in order to be able to adjust your loom for rotating the warp to the back. You can extend your loom to the point where the copper covers at least three inches of the threaded rod. Going beyond that point will potentially make your loom unstable. Make sure the loom is even on both sides.
Attach Spring to Top of Loom Attach the spring to top of the loom by hooking both ends around the brass nuts, making sure the spring lies flat in the black plastic tray.
Place Warping Bar Inside Clips

Back View of Warping Bar Inside Clips
Place warping bar inside clips. Clips will be slightly off parallel in order to hold the bar. Push clips toward the bar until it is firmly held in place.
Tie Warping Thread to Warping Bar

Use Square Knot to Secure Warping Thread to Warping Bar
Use a square knot to tie your warping thread to the warping bar. Make sure you have enough room to accommodate the width of your piece. While warping the loom, you want to keep an even tension on your thread. You will adjust the loom when you are done warping to put a stronger tension on.
Pull Thread Through One Dent on Spring Take the thread up behind the loom and down through one dent (a dent is a space between each coil in the warp coil spring).
Pull Thread down and Around Bottom Beam Take the thread down the front of the loom and around the bottom beam.
Pull Thread Back Up Towards Warping Bar from Back of Loom Continue up the back of the loom until you reach the warping bar.
Pull Thread Forward Over Warping Bar Do a u-turn around the bar
Pull Thread Down Back of Loom and Under Bottom Beam Head back down the back of the loom and go under the bottom beam from the back.
Pull Thread Up Front of Loom

Pull Thread Through Next Dent on Spring
Bring thread up the front of the loom to the spring and into the next dent over from the one you just placed your thread in.
Pull Thread Over Top Beam and Back Down Back of Loom Go around the top beam and head down the back of the loom.
Pull Thread Up and Around Warping Bar

Bring Thread to Back of Loom
When you reach the warping bar, do another u-turn and head up the back of the loom to the top beam.
Pull Thread Through Next Dent on Spring When you reach the spring, place your warp in the next dent over.
Pull Thread Down Fornt of Loom and Around Bottom Beam Bring your thread down the front of the loom and around the bottom beam.
Repeat steps 8 to 15 until you have reached the desired number of warps for your piece.

Note: If you run out of warp, DO NOT WORRY! Simply tie off to the bar using a square knot and tie on your new thread next to it. Continue as if it was the same thread.
Tie End of Thread to Warp Bar with Square Knot Tie off with a square knot, making sure to keep the appropriate tension on that last string.
Release Tension on Loom Release tension on loom so you are able to lower the warping bar. (Do this evenly on both sides.) It might only require one clockwise turn of the wing nuts.
Release Warping Bar Swing clips out to release warping bar.
Pull Warping Bar Down About Two Inches from Bottom Beam Pull down warping bar until it is about two inches above the top of the bottom beam.
Put tension on warp by rotating wing nuts counter clockwise. Put enough tension on the warp so none of the threads are baggy or loose.
Put Spring Bar Inside Spring

Spring Bar Inside Spring
Put spring bar in spring. (This is to keep the warps securely in the spring.)
Warp Ready Loom Begin Weaving

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