Bracelet and Earring Set with Aragonite Gemstone Beads

Design by Julia Wong
Courtesy of Bead Trends magazine


: : : Materials : : :


Cut two lengths of chain approximately 1" shorter than the desired finished length. Set aside. Cut a 1-1/2" length of silver wire and create a wrapped loop. String an aragonite triangle and create a second wrapped loop. Repeat approximately 22 times. Use jump rings and attach the beaded links to the lengths of chain to resemble a ladder alternating the orientation as shown. Use jump rings to connect the ends of the chain to a clasp.


String a head pin with an aragonite triangle and create a wrapped loop. Repeat four times. Cut a length of chain 1-1/4" and connect the aragonite triangles to it using jump rings. Start on the end of chain and space them evenly. Connect the top link of the chain to an ear wire.

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