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Small ornaments worn as pendants or on bracelets.


Various types of colored quartz, usually with a milky appearance, including carnelian, agate, cat's eye and jasper.

Chain Tabs

A chain tab is a small, flat metal finding that is often hung on a piece of precious-metal jewelry and stamped as a "tag" that identifies the precious metal content.


A cultured pearl originally non-nucleated, grown in a freshwater mussel from Lake Biwa in Japan. Only those actually produced there should be called Biwas; others are simply called freshwater cultured pearls.

Hat Pin with Cane Glass Bead


Thermoplastic material that was commonly used in jewelry before the invention of injection molding. Now used to simulate tortoiseshell.

Box Setting

A box-like closed gem or stone setting.

Tie Tac Pin with "Vermeil" Heart Beads and Glass Triangle Seed Beads

Why Do We Love Swarovski? Let Me Count the Ways

You know you're a blingaholic when any of the following occurs: Fellow blingsters, we're a mighty bunch and wear our obsession proudly on our sleeves (and ears and necks and fingers and wrists and ... ), well, you get the picture. Whether you buy...

Intro to Glass

Glass has been around since 3000 BC. In present day, glass is most commonly found in households in the form of windows, drinking glasses and decorative objects. Bring the scale of the glass down, learn a few new techniques and voila, jewelry...
Colorful and lively Czech druk beads, peridot jasper, seed beads and bugle beads in this fun to wear necklace.

Pendant with Acrylic Cameo Cabochon

Single-Strand Necklace with Silver-Toned Jumpring Chain

Monica Retana

I began making jewelry seven years ago it all began as a form of therapy, I had just lost a preemie baby and jewelry making really gave a sense of being able to do something productive since I was in a very bad depression at the time. Now it is...


A thin leaf of metal placed behind a gem or stone to heighten its color or brilliance.

Simple Tips

Whenever I see a picture of something I'd like to "re-create," I cut the picture out and place it in an extra photo album (three photos per page type) for safe keeping until I can get to it. I also use them for the free project ideas I pick up at my local craft stores. That way, I don't have little pieces of paper floating around the house or in my trays of tools, findings, etc. (I also put my tips and tricks sheets in there.)

Earrings with Wonder Wiggle Wire® and Spectra Glass Beads

Managing the Marketplace

When it comes to expanding your business, you have so many choices you might not know where to start. Discover some quick tips to help you get started helping your business grow.
How Riveting Bracelet and Earrings
Delicate combination of colors in a 3-strand necklace, bracelet and earrings set.
32076 Resource(s) Found
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