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Cutting Glass with Glass Cutting Tools

There are two styles of glass cutters--dry and oil-filled. Each is made with a steel wheel that scores the glass. For either tool, you can use a metal-edged ruler to help guide the cutting wheel along the glass for straight cuts, mark the glass with...

Prometheus Clay - Working Tips

If you've never worked with Prometheus® metal clay before, you're in luck! We have a ton of tips and tricks for this versatile material from Prometheus.

Making a Feather Cane

Learn to make a feather cane with polymer clay in these step-by-step instructions.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® Wire Straightener

Remove your Artistic Wire straightener tool from the packaging.

Making a Tiger Lily Cane

Although a tiger lily polymer clay cane might look complex, it's quite simple to make with the help of these step-by-step instructions.

How to Use the Artistic Wire® Wire Knitter

Thread the end of your wire down through the hole in the center of the tool.

Art Clay Silver Syringe Type

Incorporate fine details into metal clay creations with syringe-type Art Clay® Silver. Not sure how to use it? This resource will help you get started.

Threading a Shuttle

Make tatted jewelry with the help of a tatting shuttle. But, how do you thread the shuttle before use? See how quick and easy it is in this shuttle threading how-to.

Making a Butterfly Cane

Polymer clay canes are a versatile staple in the jewelry-maker's skill set. Learn how to make butterfly-wing canes with these instructions.

Forming Beaded Links

String a bead on a piece of wire. Bend each end at a 90-degree angle.

How to Use Artistic Wire® Kumihimo Weights

Hook the weight's loop onto your wire or thread as you start your project, and it will give just enough pull to keep your design consistent. (Use both weights together if more pressure is needed.)

Art Clay Gold 22k - Clay Type

EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin

EnviroTex® jewelry resin is ideal for filling bezels and molds with shells, beads, paper and more. Learn how to use it in your designs with this instruction guide.

Art Clay® Gold Paste

Using TierraCast® BeadAligners™ with Large-Hole Beads and Mini Bead Huggers™

Create Your Own Dichroic-Look Glass

Use Art Glass, Luminous Elements and Liquid Glass fixative to design your own dichroic glass look-alikes! It's fast, easy, fun and economical!

Japanese Bead Knotting

Selecting cord:Color: Select cord to match the color of the beads.Type: Silk is the preferred cord for knotting. Nylon cord will work when a stronger, thicker cord is necessary.Thickness: Use a thickness of cord that when doubled (2 strands) fits...

Prometheus Light Yellow Bronze Clay Instructions

How to Use Fold-Over Bezel Link Settings

Set stone face down into bezel link with double loops on each end.

Art Clay® Silver Clay

239 Resource(s) Found
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