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How to Create a Japanese 6-in-1 Chainmaille Weave

For a less-than-linear look similar to the 4-in-1 Japanese chainmaille weave, design using this easy 6-in-1 method.

How to Create the Dutch Spiral Stitch

Add to your seed beading technique repertoire by learning how to make the Dutch spiral stitch. Three-dimensional models help you figure out each step of the instructions.

Ring Size Guide

How to Assemble the Beading Station Organizer

How to Create a Jens Pind Linkage Chainmaille Weave

Learn step by step how to complete a jens pind linkage chainmaille weave. An advanced chaimaille technique to create intricate designs.

How to Create a Flat Chenille Stitch

Expand your bead-weaving skills by learning how to make the flat chenille stitch. This complex beading pattern uses little seed beads, but don't fret, large images accompany the instructions to help you form each row correctly.

Using the Kumihimo Plate to Create Flat Braids

Learn to create a new twist on kumihimo braiding and friendship bracelets with this guide. Using a square plate, it’s easy to create flat designs.

Using Iced Enamels

Lightly sand the surface of your metal bezel or silhouette with sandpaper.Apply thin coat of Cold Enameling Medium to the surface.

How to Use Hot Tips®, Designer Bead Tips

Hot Tips® might look complicated, but they're super easy to use. Use this instructional guide to learn how to incorporate these bead tips into your designs.

Making a Hair Comb out of Wire

These step-by-step instructions show you how to make a hair comb from wire. With helpful illustrations at each step, this accessory is easier than ever.

Beadalon Flat Memory Wire End Caps

Use memory wire shears to cut memory wire. In this example, cut single loop off the ring-size coil of memory wire so there is a gap of about 1/8 inch between the ends.

Embellishing Adjustable Charm Bracelets

Pass one 6mm jumpring through the loop on one 18mm tree of life drop and one section of wire, between the loops, on either end of the wire on the adjustable bangle bracelet then close.Tip: Add a lobster claw clasp to additional charms and drops and...

Creating an Old World Domed Pendant

Place the snowflake focal into the largest depression in the dapping block.Tip: When dapping, you want to work slowly, so approach this with patience. If you move the metal too quickly it will crease rather than curve.Place the largest dapping punch...

How to Create a Roundmaille Weave

Create sleek, smooth and flexible lengths of roundmaille chain by following these simple step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Art Clay® Silver--Firing FAQ's

Jewelry experts answer frequently asked questions about how to fire with a butane torch and remove the white finish from fired pieces.

Beadalon® Katiedids™ Components

Insert head pin from center of finding. Wrap a single bead on top, creating a loop.

How to Use Suncatcher Connectors

Metal Hot-Fix Rhinestud Application

Pre-heat hot-fix applicator tool for about 2 minutes with desired tip attached. Place hot-fix rhinestuds in desired pattern glue side down.

EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin

EnviroTex® jewelry resin is ideal for filling bezels and molds with shells, beads, paper and more. Learn how to use it in your designs with this instruction guide.

How to Use a Sal Ammoniac Block to Maintain Your Soldering Iron

For safe soldering, keep your hot soldering iron in a stand when not in use.
202 Resources Found
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