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How to Use Loop Lock™ Findings

Using pliers or fingers, open Loop Lock finding.

Cutting Glass with Glass Nippers

This glass cutter is often referred to as a mosaic glass and tile cutter. The glass nipper has two precision cutting wheels that come together when pressure is applied to the handles, breaking the glass into small pieces. These cutters are also used...

The Braided Look: 3-strand Bracelet

Braiding multiple strands of small beads gives body to the design and creates visually captivating textures. These easy-to-follow instructions for three-strand braids will get you started.

Terminating Leather Strands with Cones

Fold bundled leather cords in half and hold secure with flat-nose pliers. Insert wire at fold point of cord.

How to Make Shibori Dyed Ribbon

Delicate colorful folds beg to be touched. We wanted to share the elements to make this new soft jewelry medium which we have incorporated into our Comprehensive front cover design. The shibori method of tie dyeing dates back to the 8th century in...

Remove the End on a Caprice Chain, How-To

Caprice necklace and bracelet chains have two 8x5mm end caps. One end cap features a lobster claw clasp. The opposite end cap unscrews, allowing large-hole beads and bead keepers to slide on.

How to Create a Survival-Style Watch Band Using Cobra Knots

Fold one 3-foot length in half and pass the center loop through the top slot of the buckle clasp.

Viking Knit Made Using the Lazee Daizee™

These illustrated instructions show how to make Viking knit wire jewelry with a Lazee Daizee™ tool. Incorporating this technique into your creations is a snap!

Lisa Pavelka's Tips for Clay Striping

Stack two approximately 3” x 3” sheets of clay (in contrasting colors) that have been rolled through the 3rd largest setting of the polyclay machine. Working with larger sheets of clay will also produce larger loaves.

Warping a Mirrix Loom for Tapestry

Mirrix Tapestry and Bead Loom

The Warp Hub Technique - Professional Beading Loom

Wrap around your tees several times to anchor the thread and then go across the loom to the tees on the opposite side.

How to Use Gilders Paste®

Gilders Paste is a professional wax-based medium that can be mixed and layered for an endless color palette that won't fade. Learn how with this informative article.

How to Use Swellegant!™ to Make Anything Metallicious!

Brush Swellegant Metal Coating(s) onto any surface. Let dry (5 - 15 minutes). Apply additional coats until piece is coated with no streaks or thin areas--usually 2 or 3 coats. (Note: for non-porous surfaces like polymer or glass, for best results...

Forming Beaded Links

String a bead on a piece of wire. Bend each end at a 90-degree angle.

Using Small Swarovski crystals to Make Corners in Designs

String onto the needle four sets of: one crystal AB 2.5mm bicone and one scarabaeus green 4mm bicone. Pass the needle back through three of the sets of beads and the 4mm bicone from the fourth set, creating a ring, with the 2.5mm bicones in each...

Finishing Cording with a Pop-Clasp

Dispense an equal amount from each part of the epoxy. Mix well.

How to Create a Wire Band

Getting frustrated with hand-wrapping wire bands? This handy instruction guide shows how to use banding pliers to make perfectly started wraps every time.

Forming a Wire Spiral

Jewelry-making expert Tammy Honaman shows you how to form a wire spiral with step-by-step instructions. This simple technique makes a decorative addition to any design repertoire.

How to Make Quick Earrings Using an Earwire and Swarovski Sew-On Components

Pass outer edge loop of flower component onto the earwire loop.

Creating an Old World Domed Pendant

Place the snowflake focal into the largest depression in the dapping block.Tip: When dapping, you want to work slowly, so approach this with patience. If you move the metal too quickly it will crease rather than curve.Place the largest dapping punch...
240 Resource(s) Found
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