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Gilders Paste® isn't just for metal. Use it on leather strips to create this striped bracelet.
Vintage Copper
Burning Love
Falling Leaves

Single-Strand Necklace with Metal Components, Gilders Paste® and Antique Gold-Finished "Pewter" Beads

This leather wrap bracelet reminds you to find joy in your own meaningful ways. Create an inspirational reminder for yourself using leather punches, ribbon crimp ends and Gilders Paste®.
Verdigris Leaves

Bangle Bracelet with Gilders Paste® and Silver- and Gold-Finished Brass Rhinestud Flat Backs

Double-up silver plated focals to construct this design's layered look. Not only is this effect visually pleasing, it creates a stronger bracelet.

Ring with Gunmetal-Finished Brass Focal and Gilders Paste®

Amanda Bielski-Wright's intricate "Long Life and Compassion" jewelry set uses the Sutton slice technique to create the look of cinnabar inlays over jet for Chinese-inspired components.
Named with tasty word play, Kathleen Bingaman's "Eye Candy" features a molded pocket for storing a chocolate square.
Michele Wineland transforms translucent polymer clay into a gilded faux jade vase in her design "Jade Treasure."
Use Apoxie® Sculpt to add rhinestones to a grooved bracelet.

Key Chain with Stamped Copper Embellishment and Gilders Paste®

Bangle Bracelet with My Style Deco Art™ Adhesive Resin Sheets and Gilders Paste®

Kandinsky Band

Cuff Bracelet with Enamel and Silver-Finished "Pewter" Charms, Cupchain and Gilders Paste®

Earrings with Abalone Shell Cabochon and Cupchain

131 Resource(s) Found
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