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Hair Accessory with Feathers

Opal Adventure Photo by Ann Swanson Posted by permission of Beadwork magazine. Copyright Beadwork magazine. All rights reserved.
Spider's Web II Classic chic earrings, made with white magnesite gemstone beads, add subtle grace to daily attire.
Dark Water Earth Stone Set
Palace Jewels

Bib-Style Necklace and Earring Set with Gemstone Beads, Swarovski Crystal and Deerskin Leather Cord

Bib-Style Necklace and Earring Set with Feathers, Antiqued Brass-Plated "Pewter" Focal, Bone Focals and Turquoise Gemstone Beads


Ring with Antiqued Copper-Plated "Pewter" Component and Gunmetal-Plated "Pewter" Spacer Bars

Multi-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Antiqued Silver-Plated "Pewter" Focal, Bead Keepers, Gold-Plated Brass Beads and Accu-Flex® Beading Wire

Oceans Away

Single-Strand Necklace with Apple Green Chrysoprase Gemstone Beads and Hill Tribes Silver Beads

Autumn Splendid President's Award
By the Sea
Passage of Time
Spider's Web Cool white magnesite gemstone beads, covered in subtle brown crackle patterns, make a fantastic necklace with geometric flair. Incorporating round, oval, diamond and teardrop-shaped beads, the bib style evokes popular fashions worn by...
A More Perfect Union
Mocca Delight
Grand Prize Bronze Medal Winner A new use for your mothers old flatware! 9 strands of turquoise and pen shell heishi are combined to create a spectacular necklace!
Copper Orchid
32 Resource(s) Found
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