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Rotary Hole Punch Tool

Hand-held steel rotary punch for leather work. The rotary tool boasts six punches of the most commonly used hole sizes (2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and 5mm) that lock in place when selected. Tool will punch 8 - 9 ounce belt weight cowhide (4mm...

Using Ball Chain Connectors

Place the tip of the ball chain into the connector.

Getting Started with Jewelry-Making

We all start our jewelry journey somewhere. But with so many resources, it's difficult to know where to begin. Use this information to guide you on your jewelry-making journey.

Product Spotlight: Boss' Bead Bag

Discover the endless design possibilities of the Boss' Bead Bag as jewelry designer Rose creates an eclectic Bohemian-style bracelet from miscellaneous pieces.

How to Use a Ring Stretcher

This tool stretches the metal shank of stone-set rings or wedding bands, enlarging the ring size when other stretchers cannot be used. Sold with a wooden storage box and includes 17 polished roller dies (8 half-round dies, 8 V dies and 1 plain die)...

How to Bend or Curve Baked Polymer Clay

In-house jewelry designer Rose Wingenbach shows how to bend or curve a baked piece of polymer clay in case you ever bake polyclay into a specific shape only to realize the shape just won’t work with your jewelry project.

Secrets to a Double Wrapped Loop

Learn the secrets of double wrapped loops with this informational video with Tammy Honaman. This technique can be used to create secure beaded links or drops.

How to Create a Molded Shape from Polymer Clay

For this polymer clay tip and jewelry-making tutorial, in-house jewelry designer Rose Wingenbach explains how to bake molded clay shapes so your design stays the shape you want, rather than flattening out in the oven.

How to Use a Pin Vise to Twist Wire

Unscrew chuck tip.

Foiled Apoxie® Sculpt Pendant

In this tutorial, mixed media artist extraordinaire Lisa Pavelka demonstrates how to create a faux dichroic glass effect using craft foils and Apoxie® Sculpt jewelry clay adhesive.

Bead Soup Mosaic

Mixed media artist extraordinaire Lisa Pavelka shows you how easy and fun it is to create a mosaic by placing beads in Apoxie® Sculpt, the jewelry clay that is also an adhesive.

10 Common Gemstones For Jewelry Makers

Learn about the 10 most common gemstones used by jewelry makers. Join Joel and Dev as they discuss gemstones, their origins and other nifty facts.

Using the Wire Twister

If using round wire, match up the two ends of a length of wire and place the folded end over an anchored nail or into the jaws on a bench vise.If using square wire don't fold it in half, use it singularly. Place the end into a bench vise to anchor...

Why I Love Tool Magic® with Kat Wisniewski

Chainmaille jewelry artist Kat Wisniewski explains why and how to use Tool Magic® to prepare pliers for wire working.

How to Start a Box Chain Weave

Learn the box chain weave technique with chainmaille artist and instructor Sue Ripsch. She demonstrates using shower rings in place of jump rings to make it easy to follow along.

Using Brads and Washers on Leather

After punching a hole in the leather, lay the washer or component over the hole and push the brad through both pieces.

How to Use the Eyelet and Rivet Setting Tool

Secure hole-punch tool in bench vise. You will be using the left (larger) punch side of the punch tool.

Stretch Celtic Bracelet

Who says chainmaille can't be stretchy? Follow along with this video to make a stretchable Celtic chainmaille bracelet using both regular and rubber jump rings.

How to Use a Bracelet Bending Tool

Create perfectly curved cuff bracelets in just a few seconds with this handy bending tool. Animated instructions make it even easier.

Fimo® Professional Clay Iridescent Image Transfer

Follow along with award-winning artist Lisa Pavelka to create an iridescent image transfer pendant in this step-by-step jewelry project using Fimo® Professional polymer clay, craft foils and waterslide transfers.
106 Resource(s) Found
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