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Product Spotlight: Boss' Bead Bag

Discover the endless design possibilities of the Boss' Bead Bag as jewelry designer Rose creates an eclectic Bohemian-style bracelet from miscellaneous pieces.

Rotary Hole Punch Tool

Hand-held steel rotary punch for leather work. The rotary tool boasts six punches of the most commonly used hole sizes (2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and 5mm) that lock in place when selected. Tool will punch 8 - 9 ounce belt weight cowhide (4mm...

Using Ball Chain Connectors

Place the tip of the ball chain into the connector.

How to Use a Ring Stretcher

This tool stretches the metal shank of stone-set rings or wedding bands, enlarging the ring size when other stretchers cannot be used. Sold with a wooden storage box and includes 17 polished roller dies (8 half-round dies, 8 V dies and 1 plain die)...

10 Common Gemstones For Jewelry Makers

Learn about the 10 most common gemstones used by jewelry makers. Join Joel and Dev as they discuss gemstones, their origins and other nifty facts.

How to Use the Adaptable Eyelet and Rivet Tool Set

Turn bottom jaw thumbscrew counter clockwise to loosen.Insert desired interchangeable setting into bottom jaw (spring loaded side).Turn thumbscrew clockwise to tighten.

How to Begin a European 4-in-1 Chain

The classic European 4-in-1 chainmaille weave was used in medieval shirts for protection. Sue Ripsch, author of Classic Chain Mail Jewelry, shows how to get one started. Enlarged 3-D graphics clearly illustrate the process.

Secrets to a Wrapped Loop

Learn how to make the perfect wrapped loop for creating secure and professional drops or connections in jewelry designs. Expert jewelry maker Tammy Honaman walks you through the steps of this basic jewelry-making technique.

How to Use a Bracelet Bending Tool

Create perfectly curved cuff bracelets in just a few seconds with this handy bending tool. Animated instructions make it even easier.

Fire Mountain Fix: Getting Magic-Glos® to the Edges

Mixed media artist extraordinaire Lisa Pavelka is here with a Fire Mountain Fix to answer the jewelry resin question: how can I get Magic-Glos UV resin to the edges of my jewelry project and create a domed effect?

How to Start a Box Chain Weave

Learn the box chain weave technique with chainmaille artist and instructor Sue Ripsch. She demonstrates using shower rings in place of jump rings to make it easy to follow along.

How To Use Coiling Gizmo® Deluxe Econo Winder

Secure tool bracket frame to table edge and insert crank bar of desired size into bracket frame.

Finishing Metal Clay Pieces with Hand Tools

See how to hand finish your Art Clay® silver metal clay jewelry components in minutes with this quick step-by-step tutorial hosted by world-renowned mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka.

How to Make Wire Coils with Variable Speed Power Drill and Twirl-a-Ring™ Jumpring Maker

Attach jumpring mandrel to hand-held power drill and thread wire through threader hole of desired jumpring size (7mm/5mm/3mm). Bend long end of wire back to secure.

How to Start a Byzantine Chainmaille Weave

Learn to start the Byzantine weave with jump rings to create beautiful chainmaille jewelry. Sue Ripsch, chainmaille artist and teacher, demonstrates the technique.

Crystal Dream with a Twist Bracelet

Watch this video tutorial as expert chainmaille artist Sue Ripsch teaches how to capture crystal beads inside jump rings to create a sparkling bracelet design called Crystal Dream with a Twist.

Applying Swellegant!™ to Polymer Clay

Did you know Swellegant!™ coating is ideal for polymer clay? This video tutorial from Christi Friesen shows you how.

How to Start a Celtic Line in Chainmaille

Expert chainmaille artist Sue Ripsch demonstrates how to start the helm chain or Celtic line chainmaille technique using jump rings. A handy 3-D graphic is enlarged to show the intricate steps.

How to Use a Wire-Rounder Tool/Pin Vise

Assemble pin vise with a size appropriate collet and a cup bur attachment.

Secrets to Bead Tips with Accu-Flex® Beading Wire

See how to use bead tips to hide crimp covers for a professional finish on beading wire in this short tutorial led by jewelry-making expert and instructor Tammy Honaman.
107 Resources Found
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