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Robin Young twists clay and seed beads into a beautiful bracelet inspired by the forest’s spring blooms.
Use polymer clay to re-create the mysterious geometric patterns of crop circles as monochromatic pendants.
Designed to be worn as either a belt or a necklace, this versatile piece sports an array of colorful polymer clay circles for a mod-inspired look.
Opera Purse
Layered polymer clay circles give this artistic look intriguing depth and color.
A necklace worthy of Dionysus and inspired by the expansive Oregon vineyards this magnesite and amethyst pendant would make a perfect gift to the wine-lover in your life.
Play with neon clay colors as you adopt the out-of-this-world shapes in this bracelet design. The vibrant hues keep things cohesive so you can play with patterns.
It looks like a vase, but don't be deceived. This amazingly detailed leaf bud is actually a storage box.
Inspired by her Hawaiian vacation, Lisa Suver blended the colors of the island sunsets into swirling beads for this bracelet.
Practice clay millefiori to create the beautiful blossoms on these spherical beads. Add a dainty ribbon to complete this adorable look.
Down the Garden Path
Let nature and this design inspire your next polymer clay creation. Every inch of this bold pendant contains a touch of the earth's beauty.
What lies behind the sweet, glossy façade of The Mistress of Disguise? The twisted polymer clay details frame the image for a warm vintage look.
Pick a color palette and literally roll with it as you create the kaleidoscope components of this dreamy necklace.
Test your skills with this polymer clay design. While no two-disc patterns are the same, the necklace is balanced using strategic visual weight and color repetition.
Carry your necessities in style. Construct this dreamy avant-garde purse using marbled polymer clay and mica powders.
Packed with organic forms and details, this wirework and polymer clay necklace is perfect for a picnic or garden party.
Pop a touch of color onto garments with handmade buttons. Easily adapt them to fit any item of clothing by substituting colors and patterns.
Go wild with color! Roll out custom tube beads to create the vibrant gradient of this pointed necklace design.
Set this undersea scene brimming with nautical creatures using polymer clay and shells.
765 Resource(s) Found
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