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Bracelet with Pewter Charms, Turquoise Gemstone Beads and Sterling Silver Beads

Bookmark with Sterling Silver and Turquoise Links

Surprise Party

Hair Stick with Sterling Silver Wire and Charms

Single-Strand Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set with Antiqued Bone Beads and Seed Beads

Grand Prize Silver Medal Winner

Hair Stick with Glass Seed Beads, Bone Beads and Antiqued Gold Metal Beads

Corners of the Divided Waters Necklace
Announce your creativity to the world in more than one way when you make your own customized belly dance belt. Using wonderfully cabaret-colored sparkling beads, you will have a perfectly coordinated accent belt to wear while dancing, as well as...
Sea Side
Coyote Howls

Single-Strand Necklace with Sterling Silver Beads and Turquoise Accent Beads

Blue Heaven
A Small Surprise
About Face
Trinkets That Dangle
Desert Flame
Birds of a Feather

Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Turquoise Gemstone Beads, Sterling Silver-Filled Wire and Copper Foil

Single-Strand Bracelet with Porcupine Quills and Bone Beads

32 Resource(s) Found
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Results Per Page 20 | 50 | 100