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Fringe Art
Queen of Hearts Corset Co-Creator Linda Sparks
Lizard Hoops Earrings
Asymmetry draws in the eye and gives visual direction. Reinforce this flow with elements of the same color that vary in shape and size, like these carnelian gemstone beads.
Utilize the variety in appearance of a single stone for a beautiful pre-made color scheme. The diversity in carnelian nuggets lead this necklace design.
The furled links of flat, anodized wire create balanced, colorful chain drapery in this sweater embellishment.
Yellow Poppies
With sleek, silver, elegance, this bracelet design uses a simple pattern and only two materials to create a classic, easy-to-wear accessory.
Outrageous Orange Enamels

Ring with Crystal Passions® Bead, Metal Beads and Wirework

Bronze and Blue
Viking Knit
Let the warm tones of gold-filled wire combined with the earthy sheen of tigereye inspire your next project.
Bohemian Rhapsody
Try, Tri Again
Play with color palettes created by nature. Gemstones like ocean jasper often vary in colors, allowing you to wield beads the way a painter would a brush.
Boost inventory or create a quick cocktail ring with this easy-to-make design. Top a prefabricated ring shank with your favorite Crystal Passions bead or metallic element.
Evoke aristocratic elegance with this chic 17thcentury-inspired leather and wirework ruff collar. The pleats are reinforced with braided wire--no starch required.
This design uses a copper wirework cage to suspend Czech fire-polished glass beads in beaded fumes. Watch as this two-tone design catches warm dancing light.
1108 Resource(s) Found
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