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Fringe Art
Lizard Hoops Earrings
Queen of Hearts Corset Co-Creator Linda Sparks
Asymmetry draws in the eye and gives visual direction. Reinforce this flow with elements of the same color that vary in shape and size, like these carnelian gemstone beads.
Utilize the variety in appearance of a single stone for a beautiful pre-made color scheme. The diversity in carnelian nuggets lead this necklace design.
Journey of Life
Mother's Love
Alexander's Labyrinth Brooch II
Rose Quartz
The Phantom of Mardi Gras
Fisherman's Treasures
Outrageous Orange Enamels
Alexander's Labyrinth Brooch I
Designer Jackie Haines made each of the seed-beaded beads by hand to string them together in this unique Hollow Beads necklace.
Silver Vortex Color Wheels
Draw with wirework. Wield wire as you might a pen to create this figurative brooch.
Step out in this sprawling, wearable forest glade populated by a variety of beaded bugs. Don’t fear the crystal spider-- she has your back.
Sparkle from tip to tip with this wirework jewelry glove design. Dripping with cupchain rhinestones, this fanciful accessory moves with you for a splendid sparkle display.
Experiment with sixteen-gauge wire and large gemstone beads to create pliable structure. With only two components, this bracelet style can be made as a quick inventory boost.
1361 Resource(s) Found
Page 1 of 69

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