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Free Spirit
Dirty Harry
Who invaded who in this sci-fi inspired sculpture from Rachel G.?
Make a great beaded sculptural design element like this silver medal-winning winged bust featuring pearly angelic wings and swirling green and blue beaded body shown displayed on a wooden stand.
Karen Nelson beautifully depicts a moment from Native American life.
Chocolate Moose
One bad egg, "Bad Betty" sits atop her crate sporting heels and colorful stockings made of seed beads.
Adult and Juvenile Penguins
Pop by the tiny mushroom home of Karolina Söderberg's adorably tiny mouse.
Don't be afraid to play. Use your imagination to work up something random and exciting like this aquatic creatue.
Beautiful Young Angels (Birds)
Giddy-up with Marilyn Morrison's leaping equine statue, dressed to the nines in full parade tack.
Coiled polymer clay chameleons sit at rest in this adorable sculpture.
Castle of Nagoya
This curious creature is no only adorably stylish but also one of the smartest animals in the ocean--or teacup as the case may be.
This beaded Companion Cube will accompany you through the test chamber. Please take care of it.
This design was hand-plucked to inspire your next seed bead sculpture. The monochromatic color palette brings grace and luxury to this piece.
"Mikee" is funky fellow created using seed beads and embellished with a variety of found objects.
168 Resources Found
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