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Embellish the collar of your favorite shirt with this beautiful, beaded rose blossom then show it off at future garden parties and spring soirées.
Mix mediums not normally used in jewelry, like this Shibori silk floral focal, for visual diversity in your designs.
The Mysterious Waltz
Take a walk on the dark side in this spiked femme fatale necklace, dripping top to bottom with draped chains.
The longer you gaze at Daniela Presutti's "Monile di Shannara", the more hidden details you'll notice. Tiny buds and a butterfly at rest illustrate this beaded piece.
Selenga- the Shaman Stone
Stand out from the crowd with this highly detailed bib necklace. Swarovski crystals, cabochons and shibori silk bring the ethereal beauty of this design to life.
Ariel's Jewels
Sea of the Tropics
The Underwater Kingdom Handbag
"Fiery Flavor" by Sonia Lidozzi displays sparkling tongues of seed bead flames to achieve a dramatic presence and emotion.
The Silk Road Gold Medal Prize Winner
Ninfea (Water Lily)
Sleeping Valkyrie
33 Resource(s) Found
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