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Easy Peyote Stitch Keeper

After stringing your first string of beads in a straight stitch peyote project, place a needle in every other bead. This will enable you to easily manipulate your project without the usual awkward handling.

Designing Solutions

I have found that when I am designing jewelry I don't always have all of the beads, spacers, or findings that I need. Instead of going out and buying more items than I may need, I take old copies of Fire Mountain catalogs (items are typically...

Quick Stick

If the extension for your vacuum tweezers vanishes, or you need a penny-pincher way to handle tiny crystals, try using the dampened end of a spaghetti noodle. It will easily pick up, move and ease the chaton and flat backs into place on Apoxie®...

Make Your own Beading Needle

I have just started beading, and was getting frustrated trying to get stringing material on the needle. By the time the thread went through the needle, the bead wouldn't slide on because the thread was too thick where it overlapped through the eye...

Crimp Cover Fixes

Ever notice unwanted spaces on your necklace or bracelet after you've crimped the ends and the beads have settled into their final positions? This is where crimp covers are very useful. You can fix crimp covers into the extra spaces, and they look...

Necklace Template

A flexible curved ruler is actually a sewing tool. Since it follows your natural neckline, it can be very handy when designing a necklace for which the exact position of a specific bead on your neckline counts.

Liver of Sulfur™

Use liver of sulfur to create an aged look in metal jewelry. Soak the metal pieces in a liver sulfur bath and watch as the black tarnish darkens the surface and soaks deep into the coils and folds of the wire or metal. Then polish the black off the...

Sorting Seed Beads

Bags of assorted beads are hard to pass up and even harder to sort. Instead of separating the beads individually, use a handheld grater to do the work for you. The smaller beads will pass through the grates while the larger seed beads and bugle...

Arthritis-Friendly Jewelry

For making necklaces for hand mobility-impaired folks, the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is great for lightweight necklaces. Simply knot the ends and it is ready to pull over the head--no clasp needed.

Thread Tip

Cut thread on an angle for easier threading. This will make it easier to thread through small needle eyes, as well as prevent it from fraying.

Symmetrical Loops

Jewelry that is strung using crimps should have a small loop that allows the clasp a little bit of movement in order to keep the wire from breaking or fraying from use under tension. To keep the loops of your beading wire even and large enough,...

Consistent Loops

When making multiple pairs of earrings, I've been shown a simple time saver. Add an 8mm bead to the top of each headpin, then do your final snip, remove the 8mm bead and your loop to hold the earwires in place will always be consistent!

Portable Work Area

As a stay at home mother of a 3 year old little girl I find myself having to store away, hide, and move my jewelry supplies around often. I store the majority of my supplies neatly in clear plastic boxes up high on a shelf in my closet, along with...

Stringing From the Spool

For stringing on artificial sinew, I do not cut the end until I am finished, but leave it attached to the large spool. It is an automatic bead keeper, and I never have to worry about the beads falling off.

Matching Pearls

Here's the solution to inconsistent sizes and shapes in cultured freshwater pearls. Using a hole puncher, make two rows of 10 holes on a piece of cardstock. Apply masking tape to the backside of the cardstock, with the sticky side appearing through...

Arthritis friendly jewelry

To help those who have arthritic pain easily wear jewelry, I use magnetic and toggle clasps on necklaces and bracelets for adults.

Bead Book Storage

I use the amber bottles that medicine in. I take off the medicine lable and place the lable that comes with the beads. I also use a binder with the clear pockets in it to hold any of my bead books that fall apart.

Attaching Findings

When attaching findings or adding embellishments, if you add a new thread, your piece will not suffer if you must make changes.

Personalized Gifting

Add personalized details to jewelry designs. To create a one-of-a-kind gift add birthstone colors by using Swarovski crystal beads or gemstone beads, or offer words of inspiration using affirmation charms and alphabet beads. Get creative with your...

Bobbin Saver

A "bobbin saver" rubber ring is a great holder for Nymo® bobbins. Nymo® is the same size as sewing bobbins.
142 Resource(s) Found
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