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Jewelry Display Rack

I use a rack that is for storing spools of sewing thread that I affix to my closet wall. That way I can easily store and see hundreds of beaded necklaces and bracelets easily without them getting tangled.

Bead Cabinet Storage

For keeping beads organized, I use a storage cabinet that is supposed to be for nuts and bolts. It is located in the automotive department. It keeps everything organized nice and neat, and it transports very nicely.

Bead Board Support

Bead boards are a great tool, but they are a little weak. There have been several occasions where I have picked up my bead board with one hand and the board buckles because of the weight and how I picked it up. To correct this, I purchased some...

Bean Cushion

I made a bean bag tray to use while beading in bed or watching TV. It sits nicely on your lap or whatever as the beans help to form a cushion that fits anything. It has helped a lot for not spilling, which is everyone's dread.

Pegboard ''Wallpaper''

When setting up your work area, ''wallpaper'' your walls with elements that will help you get organized and provide design inspiration. Use bead sample cards, paint swatches and hand-painted pegboards in inspiring colors. And stencil wall borders in...

Bead Storage

To store my beads, I use prescription bottles. They are available in different sizes and they are transparent. I line them up on a tray so that I can see them when I need the beads.

Organizing Your Workstation

In most bead stores, the beads are strung on strings in rows or hanging on hooks connected to horizontal slat boards. I purchased some of these slat boards from a home improvement store along with the hanging hardware and mounted them onto my wall...

Bead Cups

I use the small plastic cups with peel-off lids, like applesauce cups, to sort beads for projects and to give away when teaching a beading class. A local pizza place puts salad dressing in small clear or opaque cups with clear lids that are great to...

Dowel Bracelet Display

To work on, store and display bracelets, using a 1-1/4" diameter four-foot standard wood dowel supported on the wall horizontally by two brass coat hooks.

Recycle your floss containers

Recycle your floss containers--use the spool to hold your thread and simply pull off the amount needed for your project. You don't even need scissors--the floss container has a built-in cutter!

Using a Bead Board

A bead board is a small investment that will pay huge dividends because it will help you design beaded jewelry and is an invaluable visual aid and time saver. Bead boards come in a variety of designs from single to multi-channel styles that have...

Quick Pick-up

A small, flat magnet glued to the outside palm of a garden glove can be great for picking up the small metal pieces and beads that fall to the floor and are temporarily lost.

Basic Beading Crimp Pliers

You may have learned to squish crimp beads with a pair of chain-nose pliers. This works but there is an alternative method that makes a more professional-looking crimp end. Crimp pliers are specialized pliers with two sections for crimping. First,...

Bracelet Mandrel

A hard wood baseball bat makes a great bracelet mandrel.

Corky Bead Storage

A small, framed corkboard is a great way to store strands and clear zip bags of beads by style, color or spectrum. Use push pins to hold bead strands and baggies in place.

Ease Eye Strain

At the end of each small project, close your eyes for a few seconds, do simple stretching exercises, get up and place your design on display. It will make a positive difference at the end of a long beading session.

Clip for Cash

Best tip I can think of to save money is to use ToeNail Clippers in place of cutters to trim your ends, on your beading wires and threads. Saves more money for beads!

Finger Clipper Wire Cutters

Don't have flush wire cutters? A pair of fingernail clippers does just as well and can get in really close to beads.

Organizing your Organizers

I use plastic organizer boxes that are 7x10-inches with several compartments. If you carry a wide assortment of various beads, you can organize your beads within simply by carefully peeling the Fire Mountain label off the plastic bag they are...

Bead Storage Jars

I reuse the Gerber® plastic baby food containers. They are square which allows them to stack easily. They are clear and have a lid.
125 Resource(s) Found
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