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Framed Flowers
Fall in love with this adorable and dazzling heart wall hanging. This simple-to-make design allows for endless customization, resulting in a final piece all your own.
Underwater Batik
Waiting For Dad
With superior artistry and a medley of techniques, Christy Sherman created this majestic bird. It seems to come alive right before your eyes.
Alien Landing Wall Hanging
Add a splash of color to your home. Create smooth blends of polymer clay to recreate this unique wall art.
Weave a fantastic mosaic of beads to paint a picture with glass beads. Use the latest pattern designer software technology to build a workable pattern from any picture. By carefully selecting seed bead colors for masterful shading, you can create...
An Evening Out
Girls Head
Hummingbird Luncheon Wall Hanging
Jane's Garden
The Bear Mask
Archaeopteryx Dreams
Spring Finally
One Dollar Thirty Cents
Bee and Saguaro Flower
Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner
Rainforest Paradise Wall Hanging
72 Resource(s) Found
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