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A sterling silver clasp unites faceted citrine nuggets set off by 6 mm lapis lazuli rounds.
Lapis lazuli is a stone that has been beloved throughout history for its beauty, and its power. Metaphysical believers say that lapis lazuli protects the wearer against evil.
Satin-finished sterling silver beads have a matte appearance that creates beautiful dichotomy when paired with shiny Swarovski® crystal grey pearls and faceted citrine beads.
Rose is showing off some wonderful beads to use when it comes to peyote stitch. Find out what she has planned, and what she is demonstrating off with simple beads.
The magic of the "thousand flower" beads continues to expand. Turn these millefiori beads into small works of art with their mosaic-like surface and see what you can.
Create a necklace just in time for the holidays with Swarovski crystal cubes topped with wood beads and antique silver-plated ribbon beads. These little presents can be the perfect stocking stuffer.
These earrings make a stand-out statement but aren't over the top. The large Swarovski® pearls on the elegantly simple marquise ear wires command attention without demanding it.
Find out how much allure iris blue Czech glass can generate when you pair them with antiqued silver-plated beads, and silver-plated chain.
Amethyst is a gemstone associated with February birthdays, royalty and in metaphysical beliefs is said to evoke feelings of calmness. All great reasons to make amethyst earrings!
Why wear only one favorite gemstone at a time? This multi-strand bracelet shows how delightful it is to showcase multiple gems of the Earth in one handmade creation.
Lose yourself in the exquisite night sky of lapis lazuli, with turquoise Swarovski crystal stars. Enjoy a sense of freedom with this bracelet, reminding you to always be free.
Add a raw, unfinished feel to your design when you include the popular druzy style drops and links. Juxtapose them with the perfectly finished Swarovski® crystals for a true eye-catching look.
Swarovski's Sahara effect will leave you breathless with the way light plays over its surface. Find out the mystery that this cameo has hidden in this set of glamourous jewelry.
Put together a story of your own with mosaic "turquoise", made from magnesite chips. The greens, browns, and oranges make the transparent gold Celestial Crystal® beads come even more alive.
Step out into the world with your own red fashion style, combining beautiful onyx with the showstopping Swarovski® crystal AB rondelles hidden between the beads.
You don’t have to wait for Be an Angel day to bring happiness into someone's life. Be an angel for everyone and anyone, with angels made of wing charms, beads caps and druk glass beads.
Plot a course through the starry night sky until you find the diamond treasure. Follow the lapis lazuli as it leads you to the cubic zirconia micro pavé drop and bail that really tie this piece together.
This set of bracelets and matching earrings is downright delectable with Swarovski® elderberry pearls. Your customers' mouths will be watering when you use these crystals.
Can't get enough Swarovski® crystals with their innovative shimmer effect? Put them together in a beautifully sparkly jewelry set. The light refraction will be fantastic!
Southwest-inspired earrings turquoise and coral beads dangling beneath Kokopelli ear wires. Kokopelli is a Native American deity often associated with fertility, healing and story-telling.
24640 Resource(s) Found
Page 1 of 1232

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