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Difference Between Geologist and Gemologist

Jewelry Chain Styles

Untangle any confusion over chains. We show you 34 styles of chain, how each looks, a description and alternate name for the chain.

Chainmaille Weaves

Convenient chart lists a range of chainmaille weave styles, links to how-to instructions or videos, specific weave notes and more.

Chainmaille Glossary

In this chainmaille glossary, learn common terms you'll want to know when creating chainmaille jewelry or shopping for chainmaille jewelry-making supplies.

State Gemstones, Minerals and Rocks

Along with state flags and state mottos, individual states within the U.S. have often designated an official gemstone, mineral and/or rock. These official recognitions and designations often promote the state's history, natural resources, tourist...

Cancer Awareness Calendar

Accent Silver™ Information

Grit Guide

Varying grits of sanding tools are used to refine metal clay jewelry pieces and other materials from coarse to smooth. Color-coded grit levels make it easy for you to figure out the level of abrasion you need for each step of the finishing process.

Sealants, Coatings and Patinas on Raw Copper Wire

Prometheus® Metal Clays Firing Methods

Melting Points of Metals

When hard soldering, it's important to know the melting point of the metal you're working with. Use this chart to always make sure the flow point of the solder is lower than the melting point of your metal.

Hard Soldering Glossary

Talk the talk with these three charts all about the hard soldering jewelry-making technique. First learn about the materials used, then the necessary tools and finally a list of helpful terms.

Hole Punch Chart

What's the best hole punching tool for the task? The Hole Punch Chart lets you get at-a-glance information for: hole sizes and shapes, recommended materials and gauges to use each on, and more.

All About Metal Sheet

Let this convenient chart help you determine which type of metal sheet is right for your project with gauge, hardness, recommended uses and other information.

Gemstone Material Types

Trade names are terms used in the jewelry-making industry to refer to materials that resemble natural gemstones. These names show up in quotation marks or have parenthetical (imitation) or (manmade) following them in their descriptions. When buying...

Apoxie® Color Chart

Customize your colors for pavé-style jewelry components that use Apoxie® Sculpt two-part sculptural epoxy. Color blends shown below require materials to be measured by weight, so an accurate baking scale or postage scale will be needed.

Accu-Flex® Paper Beading Cord and Crimps

This chart outlines crimps found to work with Accu-Flex paper cord.

A Guide to Cutting Tools

Which hand tools cut what? This chart tells you which pliers, cutters, nippers and other tools will cut which gauges of wire, beading cable and metal sheet.

Cultural Symbols in Jewelry

Incorporating cultural symbols in jewelry is not a new concept, though it has seen a boost in recent popularity. Interested in common religious, cultural or other iconography to include in designs? Learn meanings and design information, including...

Wire Lengths to Make 100 Jumprings

78 Resource(s) Found
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Results Per Page: 20 50 100