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Cow Skull Pouch by Sarah Davis

Colorful cow skull and desert colors will bring the South West to any design. Pattern for both front and back are included. Create with Delica beads for the best uniformity of pattern. Created by Sarah Davis of Beadcoop and Sarah's Beading...

Pink and Black Mini Dress

The "today" colors of pink and black are used in this unusual Edwardian style pattern. Create an amulet bag by adding a back, strap and fringe. For a necklace that creates smiles, add backing to the design, fringe and a strap. Created by Lydia...

Kachina Doll by Ty Wolfe Designs

Bright Kachina Doll that can be beaded for a mini wall hanging, an amulet bag or (without the background) a unique necklace. Word and color charts included. KaChina Doll 1 3.00, 4.00 Peyote 8 3600

Celtic Christmas Mini Amulet Chart

A Celtic interwoven design in Christmas colors can be created for any season. Create a back, front and straps for a unique amulet bag. Created by Lydia Dunbar of Beadcoop and Mistress Jewelry. Even count peyote 2 inches long x 3.07 inches wide...

Kwanzaa Mask by Ty Wolfe Designs

Colorful mask with intense colors. Color chart, graph and word charts are included. Kwanzaa Mask 3.00, 4.00 Peyote 10 3600 Example of Word Chart and how it reads: Row 1: (34) DB0310V Combined will be 68 beads Row 2: (34) DB0310V Row 3: (5)...

Prosperity Purse by Lisa Ann Claver

Create a miniature "Prosperity Purse" with this pattern by Lisa Ann Claver. Just the perfect size for your favorite crystal or that special charm you like to always keep with you! Your favorite Delica beads, Nymo® thread, a strap and fringe trimmed...

Wolf Eyes by Ty Wolfe Designs

Magnificent wolf eyes to bead. Shape your final beadwork by using a small peanut butter jar and floor wax before stitching to leather. Grey Wolf Barrette 3.00, 1.47 Peyote 11 1314 I have found using a mason jar or small sized peanut butter jar...

Puppy Play Pouch by Sarah Davis

Cheer your heart by stitching this playful pouch. Create with Delica beads, the pattern for both front and back is included. Created by Sarah Davis of Beadcoop and Sarah's Beading Obsession. Puppy Play Pouch 1.70, 2.27 Loom 4 1156

Free Bead Patterns - Hex Cut Seed Bead Earrings

This earring pattern uses hex cut seed beads in a fashionable Southwest design. Download the pattern and get started!

Bluebonnet Tapestry by Debbie Vasilinda

Charming bluebonnets to stitch for a tapestry, applique or for framing. The pattern was created for brickstitch and Delica seed beads but may be adapted for peyote stitch. Clear nail polish may be used to stiffen the finished work. Copyright © 2002...

Carousel Tiger by Sarah Davis

This cheery and colorful carousel tiger pattern comes to us from Sarah Davis of Beadcoop. Designed for Delica beads and brickstitch, this easy to use pattern is sure to brighten your day. Carousel Tiger 3.05, 3.67 Peyote 12 3000

Kitten Ball by Sarah Davis

A curious kitten contemplating a ball (and I know that kitten is just about to bat that ball across the room!) Create with Delica beads and add straps for an amulet bag that is sure to create smiles. Kitten Ball 1.75, 2.13 Loom 11 1120

White Buffalo Earrings

Engaging white buffalo earrings for you to stitch. Created by Alan GreyOwl, author of 6 seed bead pattern books. Brick or Flat Peyote Delica or 13/0 Cuts Approximately 1.5 inches wide x 1 inch high These are one of my favorite designs because of...

Free Bead Patterns - Indian Maiden Earrings

This Indian maiden is adorable in her buckskins. Easy-to-follow pattern.

Kaleidoscope Ornament by Debbie Vasilinda

Stitch a brightly colored kaleidoscope for your next suncatcher, ornament or just for fun! Kaleidoscope Ornament 3-1/4 inch diameter

Quilt Rose by Deb Bergs

Originally designed by Deb Bergs for the 9-11-01 Beadquilt project, this beautiful rose also works up beautifully as a yellow rose and white/cream rose. Freeform beadwork can be added to make the rose more 3-dimensional. Create your own rose with...

Baby Fox Trot by Sarah Davis

This youthful fox will prance into your heart when he is stitched with Delica Beads. Add straps and a backing to create an amulet bag. Add backing and a frame for a beaded picture. Created by Sarah Davis of Beadcoop and Sarah's Beading Obsession. ...

Kokopelli in Desert by Theresa Geary

Weave this mischievous Kokopelli and its desert scene and use to embellish clothing, purses, cards and more! Created by Theresa Geary, author of Creative Native American Beading.

Buffalo Head Pattern by Sigrid Wynne-Evans

Tape the pattern pieces together and work the pattern in brick stitch. While you can start with any row, I would recommend starting with a row that goes through the buffalo's nose (one of the longest rows). Shape (increasing/decreasing) as needed....

Amulet Bag by Debbie Vasilinda

Brickstitch a brightly colored amulet bag and matching earrings. Bead this colorful bag from Beadcoop author Debbie Vasilinda. Brick stitch the body, whip stitch the edges, then add the fringe and strap. The pattern is included for both bag and...
21 Resource(s) Found
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