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Creating a Colorful Liquid Polyclay™ Sheet

Learn how to create your own one-of-a-kind designs with liquid polymer clay sheets in this tutorial from author, jewelry-making expert and educator Tammy Honaman.

How to Create a European 4-in-1 Chainmaille Pattern

Originally used to create amor, this European 4-in-1 chainmaille weave can be used to make fun and exciting designs for modern accessories.

How to Create the Dutch Spiral Stitch

Add to your seed beading technique repertoire by learning how to make the Dutch spiral stitch. Three-dimensional models help you figure out each step of the instructions.

Firing Gemstones into Art Clay®

Adding gemstones to metal clay can increase the appeal of a piece, but it's important to know how the stones will react. This article discusses how to fire different stone types. Man-made gems can be fired and will not change color, crack or melt....

How to Create a Flat Chenille Stitch

Expand your bead-weaving skills by learning how to make the flat chenille stitch. This complex beading pattern uses little seed beads, but don't fret, large images accompany the instructions to help you form each row correctly.

How to Use Hot Tips®, Designer Bead Tips

Hot Tips® might look complicated, but they're super easy to use. Use this instructional guide to learn how to incorporate these bead tips into your designs.

How to Create an Inverted Round Chainmaille Weave

An inverted version of roundmaille, this technique creates an elegant chain ideal for jewelry and other design embellishments.

How to Create a Japanese 4-in-1 Chainmaille Weave

Learn how to create this simple Japanese chainmaille style to quickly create airy accents for jewelry and other designs.

How to Use Cord Coils for Lantern Chain

Shiny cord coils with loop ends create a neat finish to lantern chain (see illustration below), rubber cord, leather and multi-strand waxed cotton cords. Accommodates up to 3.9mm cord or chain. Base metal is steel.

How to Create the Russian Spiral Stitch

Learn a new seed bead technique! The Russian spiral stitch is yours to master with these instructions and enlarged images that help you see exactly what to do and where.

Ball Chain Connectors

Using ball connectors is a pinch. Learn how in this step-by-step tutorial.

Forming a Wire Hook and Eye Clasp

Making your own clasps can save time and money. These instructions, complete with photos, show you how to make your own hook-and-eye clasps with wire.

Ring Size Guide

Artistic Wire® Open Ear Wire Jig

Insert a piece of wire (20-24 gauge) 5 inches (12.7cm) in length through the hole in the findings form and bend the end (this helps to hold the wire firmly as you bend the wire around the pegs).

Using Patina Gel

Patinas add warmth to metal (bare clean copper, bronze or silver) as well as offer an antiqued effect, enhancing the recesses of a textured finish. Patina Gel is a stable patina that has a long shelf life.

How to Create a Japanese 6-in-1 Chainmaille Weave

For a less-than-linear look similar to the 4-in-1 Japanese chainmaille weave, design using this easy 6-in-1 method.

Art Clay Gold 22k - Clay Type

How to Use Loop Lock™ Findings

Using pliers or fingers, open Loop Lock finding.

How to Assemble the Beading Station Organizer

How to Use the Artistic Wire® CONETASTIC™ Mandrel

Remove the mandrels and the allen wrench from the handle by unscrewing the base. Select size of mandrel to be used. Replace mandrels into base and close with screw cap.Note: The base has parallel flat portions for mounting the tool onto a vise.
206 Resource(s) Found
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