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Cleaning a Clay Extruder

Once you are done using your extruder, it’s a good idea to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly before storing.

How to Use Scarf Jewelry Components

Bundle scarf end and wrap with fabric tape. Using 18-gauge silver-finished Zebra Wire™, make eight tight wraps around the taped scarf end, bend wire into the center then create an "L" shape.

Setting Up a Safe Torch Firing Area and Firing Enamels with a Butane Filled Torch

Glass enamels are applied to metal for a beautiful and colorful finish. Enamels are fired onto the metal with the heat of a torch or kiln. When using a kiln for enameling, the target temperature is in the area of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. When torch...

Extruding Clay with the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder®

Extruders are great for creating long continual shapes of clay. The clay can then be used as a border, decorative element in a design or sliced to create multiples of the same shape to be used however you like. Each extruder works with polymer and...

Art Clay® Silver--Firing FAQ's

When you work with you can't help but have questions, even if you have taken classes. Questions arise in the moment, when you are in the process of rolling the clay, cleaning, firing or finishing. Even in the design stage, being unsure of the...

How to Create a Camo-Look Using Polymer Clay

Condition large grape-size sections of tan, brown, army green and a smaller amount of black Sculpey™ polymer clay until soft and pliable.

Firing Art Clay® with a Gas Stove

Firing Art Clay® Silver with a gas stove is a direct firing method. Please read these instructions carefully before firing. Using a gas stove is a basic method for small and simple pieces. You may fire Art Clay® Silver Regular series, Slow Dry or...

Forming a Wire Spiral

Jewelry-making expert Tammy Honaman shows you how to form a wire spiral with step-by-step instructions. This simple technique makes a decorative addition to any design repertoire.

Molding Kato Polyclay™ with Brass Molds

Neatly fill the stamped area with Kato Polyclay and press to capture the texture of the stamp.

How to Use No Days Bail Bond™

Cut adhesive strip slightly smaller than bail. Place cabochon on top of adhesive.

How to Use Hot Tips®, Designer Bead Tips

Thread end of cord through back of bead tip

Using a Stop Bead

A stop bead is added to your thread prior to beginning the stitch you're working on. The temporary stop bead will keep the beads in your pattern on the thread as you begin the stitch.

Molding A Reverse Mold or a Silicone Stamp with Brass Molds

Portion equal quantities of each part of the silicone molding compound. Follow manufacturer's recommendations on mixing the compound (each brand has different guidelines).

How to Transform a Swarovski Crystal Headpin into a Bail for a Flower Pendant

Here's how to make a Swarovski crystal headpin work as a bail to make a memorable paua shell focal point. Use the same technique for matching earrings and you've got an exotic combo.

Ring Size Guide

How to Use the Artistic Wire® CONETASTIC™ Mandrel

Remove the mandrels and the allen wrench from the handle by unscrewing the base. Select size of mandrel to be used. Replace mandrels into base and close with screw cap.Note: The base has parallel flat portions for mounting the tool onto a vise.

Prometheus Sunny Bronze Clay

Art Clay Silver - Paste Type

Art Clay® Gold Paste

How to Create a Japanese 4-in-1 Chainmaille Weave

Alternating large and small rings, create a 1-1 chain that is the desired finished width of the weave.Repeat to create a second chain that is the same width.
244 Resource(s) Found
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