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How To Make Your Own Lanyards

Learn to make practical and stylish lanyards with Rose for your identification cards.

Secrets to Professional Jewelry Photography with Your Phone

Learn the secrets to successful jewelry photography using your phone with Chris, one of our professional photographers. In this five-part series, he shares expert tips on shooting metal, making facets stand out, placing light, choosing backgrounds...

DIY Clasps with Artistic Wire® Findings Forms™ Jigs

Learn how to create beautiful, consistently sized wireworked hook-and-eye and toggle clasps using Artistic Wire® Findings Forms™ jigs.

Discover Natural Materials for Jewelry Designs

Learn all about bone, horn, wood, nut and shell materials and how they can be incorporated into jewelry for natural designs.

Product Spotlight: Easy DIY Jewelry With Links

Discover the different links available and how to use these components in jewelry making to save time and create beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces.

Getting Started with Jewelry-Making

We all start our jewelry journey somewhere, but with so many resources it's difficult to know where to begin. Sit with Fire Mountain Gems jewelry-maker Rose as she walks you through 6 simple lists, outlining everything you need to get your new hobby...

5 Mistakes You Make When Stringing Jewelry and How to Avoid Them

Patti shares five common jewelry making mistakes including crimping incorrectly, not keeping enough wiggle room at the ends of stringing projects and more. Learn how to avoid these issues when making jewelry.

Make Two Styles of Christmas Tree Earrings with One Style of Drop

In this video, you'll learn how the same Celestial Crystal® Christmas tree drops can be used to create two different earring designs.

Product Spotlight: Metal Clay

Get to know metal clay and the tools you'll need to make your own one-of-a-kind jewelry designs.

How to Make Seed Bead Fringe

Follow along with our video instructions and learn how to add fabulous fringe to your seed-beaded creations.

How to Use Easy Cast® Resin for DIY Jewelry Making

Join Patti as she shows you how to create custom pendants with resin and other crafty supplies.

Silicone Molds, Dyes and Resin for DIY Jewelry

Casting with resin is easy and fun with flexible, silicone molds. Learn how to use these faceted molds to create personalized three-dimensional drops, pendants, wire-wrapping elements and more.

How to Make Jewelry Findings with Wire

In this video, you'll learn how to make your own ear wires, jump rings, head pins, eye pins, clasps, bails and more.

Product Spotlight: Czech Glass

Czech glass beads are known over the world for exemplary craftsmanship and vivid color. Explore the beauty and glory of Czech glass beads, including fire-polished, lampworked, cathedral and pressed.

Sell Your Jewelry With the Right Displays

Learn how to sell your jewelry with the right displays whether you are preparing for online sales or craft fairs.

Product Spotlight: Must-Have Jewelry-Making Pliers

The right tools are a must for jewelry makers. Rose is here to teach you about the most popular pliers used in jewelry-making and how to use them correctly for more secure crimps, tighter and neater loops and perfect coils.

Secrets to Seed Beading: What's In My Seed Beading Tool Kit?

Take a peek inside Rose's seed bead toolbox as you prepare to tackle the projects of her 10-part Secrets to Seed Beads series.

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 10: Around and Around Donut Focal

Follow Christi as she leads you through this sparkling assemblage of a project and shows you the last two techniques to round out your polymer clay skill set.

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 9: Starfish Doodle Pendant

Get ready to dive into polymer clay with this colorful undersea design. You'll gain an ocean of knowledge as Christi shows you a quick and easy technique for adding vibrancy and depth to your pieces.

Secrets to Polymer Clay Project 5: Secret Stone Brooch

Learn how to create a mysterious brooch in the fifth project of this series. Christi shows you how to create your own polymer clay bezel to capture your favorite cabochon in beautiful details.
429 Resources Found
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