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Rhinestone Conversion Chart

Understanding SS size and PP size references--easily convert stone sizes to millimeter and inch size ranges for designing.Rhinestones are measured in a "range" of sizes rather than a precise measurement, using the following:PP (Pearl Plate) is a...

Beads Per Inch Chart

This chart shows you the approximate number of beads for various lengths.(length of strand excludes clasp)

Crimp Sizes

Keep this convenient chart handy for referencing just how many strands you can fit through different sizes of crimp tubes and beads.

The Identification of Zachery-Treated Turquoise (Zachery Method)

The Zachery process improves the properties of natural turquoise without using artificial additives such as plastic. Zachery-treated turquoise retains gemological properties similar to those of untreated turquoise. As a result of this process,...

Metal Abbreviations

The three-letter codes listed below indicate the range of possible finishes available on metal products purchased from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. These abbreviations are used exclusively by Fire Mountain Gems to label and identify our products....

Gemstone Grading

There are a lot of steps to grade a gemstone. Each step of grading focuses on a different feature and has many details that create the overall grade determination. It can be difficult to understand gemstone grades without training, so with the help...

Cultured Freshwater Pearl Grading Guide

Please don't attempt to compare our pearls with other suppliers' pearls, by the letters assigned to them (e.g., A grade). Different companies have different standards for pearl grading, our pearl grades are those used by the mainland Chinese pearl...

Chainmaille Glossary

This one-stop-shop glossary contains all the info you'll need when it comes time to start your own chainmaille projects. Make sure you bookmark it immediately!

A Guide to Cutting Tools

Which hand tools cut what? This chart tells you which pliers, cutters, nippers and other tools will cut which gauges of wire, beading cable and metal sheet.

Sizing Information for Chips, Hawaiian Chips, Pebbles and Nuggets

The following measurements are approximate sizes found in chip, pebble and nugget bead strands. The beads are placed into the appropriate categories based on their average size. As with all chips, pebbles and nuggets, sizes and shapes vary.

Sealants, Coatings and Patinas on Raw Copper Wire

This handy chart shows the different effects of various patinas and coatings, so you can choose the perfect product for your projects.

Firing Gemstones and Natural Stones in Art Clay®

Do you want to add gemstones to your metal clay designs? This chart provides information on the stones that can be safely fired with Art Clay® and which stones should be avoided.

Firing Cubic Zirconias in Metal Clay

Cubic zirconia can spice up any metal clay design. In this chart, learn appropriate firing techniques when designing with metal clay and cubic zirconia stones.

Mohs Scale of Hardness

The Mohs hardness scale measures the relative hardness of gemstones, as determined by their scratch hardness (the resistance of a mineral when scratched with a pointed testing object.)The diamond is the hardest natural gemstone in the world and...

Stone Material Pronunciation Guide

Stumped on how to pronounce a gemstone name? We've devised this casual pronunciation guide with the names of common gemstone beads to help.

Seed Bead Sizes and Hole Sizes

Seed bead designing made simple! Find the right seed bead size and get hole size information at a glance with this handy seed bead chart.

Apoxie® Color Chart

Customize your colors for pavé-style jewelry components that use Apoxie® Sculpt two-part sculptural epoxy. Color blends shown below require materials to be measured by weight, so an accurate baking scale or postage scale will be needed.

The Greek Alphabet

The Greek language is the oldest in Europe. The Modern Greek alphabet remains the same as the Ancient Greek. There are 24 letters of which 7 are vowels and 17 are consonants.

Cord Cap Hole Sizes

Hole diameters and cord size recommendations for both crimp style and glue-in style cord caps.

All About Clasps

See a variety of clasp styles, with usage suggestions and other information.
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