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Shore Hardness

Three different scales ranging from 10-100 for measuring the resistance of gels, rubbers and plastics to indentation. Shore A00 measures very soft rubbers and gels. Shore A measures flexible rubbers to semi-rigid plastics. Shore D measures hard...


Tin is a pure metallic element, listed on the periodic table as Sn (an abbreviation of Stannum, which is Latin for tin). Tin resists oxidization and corrosion, so it is commonly used in metal jewelry components. Tin is found in alloys such as bronze...


finishes have a neutral grey background with bluish or purplish tinges, sometimes referred to as "black chrome." Its name derives from a particular alloy of copper, bronze and zinc, which was originally used in gunmaking, though many alloys...


Zinc is a pure metallic element, listed on the periodic table as Zn, which is commonly used in metal jewelry components. Zinc is found in alloys such as brass (a mix of copper and zinc) or used as an anti-corrosion coating over other metals. The...

Zebra Wire™

Zebra Wire is a copper wire designed for fashion jewelry, crafts and home décor projects. Colored Zebra Wire is made by electroplating a copper wire core, spraying the copper with a vibrant enamel coating, and applying a protective lacquer. This...

Blister Pearl

Blister pearls are a pearly excrescence formed on the inside of the shell of a mollusk (oyster) commonly enclosing a foreign body, such as a bit of mud or parasite. Blister pearls are often irregular in shape.


Brown-plated items have a polished copper core, dipped in a liquid brown compound (the recipe is a trade secret). The items are then baked to fuse the coating into the metal, slowly cooled, then polished again. Items can display a slight rainbow...

Bridge jewelry

Bridge jewelry is generally thought of as jewelry that is the bridge between fine jewelry and costume jewelry. It may use vermeil, gold-filled or sterling silver metals and semi-precious stones such as amethyst, citrine, turquoise, jade, topaz,...

Costume jewelry

Costume jewelry is generally thought of as jewelry made from base metals, glass, plastics and other synthetics. It may also be comprised of shell, wood and other organic materials. Costume jewelry can be artisan-made or mass produced.

Fine jewelry

Fine jewelry is generally thought of as jewelry that uses at least 14Kt gold or other precious metals and precious gems like diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds. Fine jewelry can be mass-produced or artisan-made.


Vitrail is a translucent color-coating effect that is vacuum sealed onto the reverse side of glass and crystal beads. Named for the French word that translates as 'stained glass' in English, the vitrail effect shines through the transparent...

Beading Wire

Beading wire is actually a cable composed of multiple strands of wire twisted together. It is much more flexible and stronger than single strand wire. The most common type of beading wire is made from braided stainless steel strands of wire and is...


A round crystal component which is faceted to a point on both sides.

Grip Length

The depth of the grip range of an ice-pick bail. The grip length measures the distance of a stringing hole from the edge of a drilled focal, so a flat round with a hole 5mm from the edge will require a bail with a grip length of 5mm or more.

Sterling Silver-Filled

Items are made by combining a durable outer layer of sterling silver (.925/20) surrounding a copper-alloy core. Fabrication is completed with an anti-tarnish coating to preserve the beauty. Sterling silver-filled items handle like sterling silver.


(see also Earpost) A finding, usually metal, used to create ear jewelry. The post or stud of the finding passes through the ear, and is secured by an earnut on the back. The front can be plain or highly decorated, and many styles offer attachment...

Aurora Borealis 2X (AB2X)

The AB2X surface effect has two times the coating of the AB effect, covering the entire crystal. The iridescent rainbow effect is seen on all sides, producing the utmost sparkle.


Originally a term from ancient Greek astronomy, "zodiac" described the constellations which are on the path the sun takes across the sky over the course of a solar year. Those constellations were each eventually assigned to one of 12 months, forming...


A particular faceting style or "cut," unique to and patented by Swarovski in their line of beads and jewelry-making components.

Wire Guardian

(also called Accu-Guard™ or wire protector) A horseshoe-shaped loop of metal used to cradle and protect beading wire, thread or cord from fraying through contact with metal components such as clasps or links.
301 Resource(s) Found
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