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Small ornaments worn as pendants or on bracelets.


Various types of colored quartz, usually with a milky appearance, including carnelian, agate, cat's eye and jasper.

Chain Tabs

A chain tab is a small, flat metal finding that is often hung on a piece of precious-metal jewelry and stamped as a "tag" that identifies the precious metal content.


A cultured pearl originally non-nucleated, grown in a freshwater mussel from Lake Biwa in Japan. Only those actually produced there should be called Biwas; others are simply called freshwater cultured pearls.

Hat Pin with Cane Glass Bead


Thermoplastic material that was commonly used in jewelry before the invention of injection molding. Now used to simulate tortoiseshell.

Box Setting

A box-like closed gem or stone setting.

Tie Tac Pin with "Vermeil" Heart Beads and Glass Triangle Seed Beads

Why Do We Love Swarovski? Let Me Count the Ways

You know you're a blingaholic when any of the following occurs: Fellow blingsters, we're a mighty bunch and wear our obsession proudly on our sleeves (and ears and necks and fingers and wrists and ... ), well, you get the picture. Whether you buy...

Intro to Glass

Glass has been around since 3000 BC. In present day, glass is most commonly found in households in the form of windows, drinking glasses and decorative objects. Bring the scale of the glass down, learn a few new techniques and voila, jewelry...
Colorful and lively Czech druk beads, peridot jasper, seed beads and bugle beads in this fun to wear necklace.

Pendant with Acrylic Cameo Cabochon

Single-Strand Necklace with Silver-Toned Jumpring Chain

Monica Retana

I began making jewelry seven years ago it all began as a form of therapy, I had just lost a preemie baby and jewelry making really gave a sense of being able to do something productive since I was in a very bad depression at the time. Now it is...


A thin leaf of metal placed behind a gem or stone to heighten its color or brilliance.

Simple Tips

Whenever I see a picture of something I'd like to "re-create," I cut the picture out and place it in an extra photo album (three photos per page type) for safe keeping until I can get to it. I also use them for the free project ideas I pick up at my local craft stores. That way, I don't have little pieces of paper floating around the house or in my trays of tools, findings, etc. (I also put my tips and tricks sheets in there.)

Earrings with Wonder Wiggle Wire® and Spectra Glass Beads

How Riveting Bracelet and Earrings
Delicate combination of colors in a 3-strand necklace, bracelet and earrings set.

Bracelet with Cloisonné Beads and Macramé Loop Connectors

Pendant with Celestial Crystal® Bead

Single-Strand Necklace with Bone Skull Beads, Wooden Beads and Pewter Skull Pendant

Land of the Golden East Necklace


The unit of weight used for precious stones. One carat equals one-fifth of a gram. Also a measurement of fitness in gold. Pure gold is expressed as 24Kt.The term ''carat'' dates back to the traders of the ancient world. A standard weight was required for precious gems as merchants of the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East were dependent on the ability to trade with a reasonably consistent unit of measurement. It was this need that led to the adoption of seeds and grains as widespread units of measurement.The carob seed and the wheat grain, both of which had been used for food purposes were found to be ideal units of weight. For centuries the carob seed remained the weight measurement for precious gems. By the Middle Ages, however, changes in the trade routes had occurred and large centers of trade were now found within Europe. The carat, as it had become known, became linked to 4 grains Troy weight, with the carob seed having been abandoned at some point during the shift of trade centers. The Troy carat was the equivalent of approximately 205 milligrams. This measurement of weight lasted for the carat until the 20th century. It was between 1907-1914 that the carat was married to the metric system of weights. By 1914 the United States officially abandoned the former Troy measurement of 205.3 milligrams for the carat, and adopted the current metric carat measurement of 200 milligrams.

Gold Electroplate

An electrolytic coating with gold, or with an alloy of not less than 10% fineness to a minimum thickness throughout that is equivalent to seven millionths of an inch. This means that where the fineness is less than 24Kt, the thickness must be proportionately greater, so that the same amount of fine gold is seven millionths of an inch, it may be marked as heavy gold electroplate.


A metal loop that is used to attach a chain or cord to a pendant.

Double-Strand Bracelet and Earring Set with Czech Pressed Glass Beads and Silver-Plated Jumprings

Gold-plated Hairclip with Gold-plated Beads and Jumprings

Bracelet with Milk Glass Beads and Swarovski® Crystals

Milk Glass Flower Bracelet
Ocean Setting Necklace
Shimmering Lace
A delicate heart charm and cable chain finish this amethyst and blue lace agate necklace.

Single-Strand Necklace with Three-Tone Metal Bead Caps and Beads

Home Décor with Terra Cotta Pot and Czech Pressed Glass Beads

Shaded Amber Necklace

Brooch Convertor

A finding used to convert a brooch into a pendant. Styles are available for horizontal or vertical pins.

Gold Filled

A gold alloy plate made by soldering, brazing, welding or other means that is not less than 10Kt fineness, where the plating constitutes at least 1/20th of the weight of the metal in the entire article. The term must be preceded by the karat fineness of the plating, such as 14Kt Gold-Filled. When using the term gold overlay, manufacturers are permitted to use a layer of gold that is less than 1/20th the weight of the entire piece, but they must stamp the proportion of the gold layer on the jewelry.


Bond to one end of a flat bulk chain to create a jumpring attachment.

Multi-Strand Necklace with Glass Pearls and Antiqued Copper Brass Drop and Chain

Bracelet with Czech Pearl-Coated Glass Druk Beads and Leather Cord

Jelly Beads: Necklace and Dangle Earring Set Featuring Jelly Bean Glass Beads, Lampworked Glass Druk Beads and Czech Glass Beads

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®It doesn't get much cuter than these handcrafted lampworked glass duck beads that'll bring a smile to all. These adorable ducks are perfect for Easter-inspired style or any fresh and...

Bracelet with Faceted Garnet Gemstone Beads, Cultured Freshwater Stick Pearls and Watch Face Pendant

PANTONE® 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral

Living Coral, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019, features a soft pink hue with a hint of gold. The name Living Coral is inspired by the coral reef, a marine invertebrate, best exemplified by the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. It...
Beauty Beyond Price Necklace
Shimmering Lace II

Style Snapshot: Prehistoric Jewelry Provides Modern-Day Inspiration

While current jewelry style and design is ever-evolving, the symbolic importance of jewelry has remained unchanged throughout history. Even in prehistoric times, humans created objects of personal adornment. Whether it was made from pigment-stained...
Sterling silver intensifies the deep earth colors of brecciated jasper.

Pin with Antiqued Silver-Finished "Pewter" Watch Face, Antiqued Pewter and Enamel Charms, Celestial Crystal® Bead and Czech Fire-Polished Glass Bead

Earrings with Three-Toned Metal Bead Caps and Beads

Pendant with Swarovski Crystal Cross and Sterling Silver Ice-Pick Bail

32071 Resource(s) Found
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