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Wire-Wrapping Pliers

A pair of pliers with designed with a stepped round tip, in order to make consistent 4mm, 6mm and 8mm loops or jumprings.

Venetian Bead

(also called Murano glass) A glass bead created in the style of the glass artists of Venice, primarily on the island of Murano. Venetian glass beads are famous the world over for their color, craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Many glassworking...

Twister Clasp

A hinged clasp which is hooked through each end of a continuous necklace, or opera-length pearl strand, changing it into a twisted choker necklace.

Torpedo Clasp

(see also Barrel Clasp and Screw Clasp) A low-profile clasp with a threaded closure, which is twisted or screwed to open and to close. Can include Bead Clasp styles.

Toggle Clasp

(also called bar-and-ring clasp or T-bar clasp) A style of clasp consisting of a loop (usually a circle, but sometimes other shapes such as stars, hearts or leaves); the other piece is a ''T'' shaped bar. The clasp is closed by pulling the ''T''...


A miniature braided stainless steel cable-style wire used for jewelry-making. Tigertail has a nylon coating, which protects the steel wire from corrosion or wear, and is stiff enough to be strung without using a beading needle. Tigertail is secured...

Thread Heaven®

A non-toxic, hypoallergenic synthetic polymer material used to coat beading thread. It binds thread fibers and prevents fraying--straightens, strengthens and weatherizes. It adds a thin, even, slick coating to thread so beads slide easily and...


A length of fine string composed of several fibers twisted or spun into a single strand. Thread can be made of natural fibers (such as silk and cotton) and manmade fibers (such as nylon and Kevlar). Thread that has been woven (or braided) into a...


A heat treatment used for metals and glass. Tempering is used to toughen steel and change the breakage effect in glass. Tempered glass is used for automobile windows, glass tables, lab equipment and more.

Tab Lock Clasp

An easy-open clasp which closes by inserting the decorative tab into the slot of the other half of the clasp. This easy-open, easy-close style is held closed by the weight of the finished jewelry itself. Due to their ease of opening, they are...

Swivel Clasp

A form of the Lobster Claw Clasp. The swivel allows the design to twist 360 degrees while the clasp stays in place, so they are ideal for bracelets and anklets.


A company and brand name for leaded crystal glass. Swarovski products are renowned for their color, brilliance and high quality


As defined by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), stabilization is the use of a colorless bonding agent (commonly plastic) with a porous gemstone to give it durability and improve appearance. Turquoise is a commonly stabilized gemstone.

Springring Clasp

A popular spring-loaded clasp used with a jumpring or chain tab. It comes in a multitude of sizes, for single-strand to multi-strand designs.

Split Ring Pliers

A pair of pliers with a small hook on one tip, designed to open split rings just enough to slide them onto a finding. The split ring can then immediately close without distorting or warping the metal out of shape.

Split Ring

Double-wire ring findings, similar to those found on a keychain, used to connect jewelry-making components. Used when security and strength in a ring is paramount, as it is both stronger and bulkier than an equivalently sized jumpring.

Snap Lock Clasp

(see also Fold-Over Clasp) A low-profile clasp which is less likely to tangle or snag on clothes or hair than other styles. This hinged clasp folds shut, closing securely and locking with a quiet "snap." With this secure closure, snap lock clasps...

Slide Lock Clasp

(see also Multi-Strand Clasp) A clasp consisting of a set of tubes, one of which slides inside the other and locks into place. The bar style of these multi-strand clasp holds almost an unlimited number of strands of chain, cord, beading wire or...


A frame, container or cage designed for the placement of faceted gemstones or cabochons.

Seed Bead

A uniformly shaped significantly small bead used for beading and jewelry-making. Seed beads are available in a myriad of colors, finishes and sizes.
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