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Create Compliments® Jewelry

Enjoy a preview selection of elegant jewelry from the Create Compliments® Jewelry line available for purchase at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

Purely Silk™ Thread

See why Purely Silk™ is considered one of the best jewelry threads for stringing gemstones and pearls in this product show-and-tell that explains all the benefits of durable 100% silk thread. See why Purely Silk™ is considered one of the best...

How to Use a Ring Stretcher

This tool stretches the metal shank of stone-set rings or wedding bands, enlarging the ring size when other stretchers cannot be used. Sold with a wooden storage box and includes 17 polished roller dies (8 half-round dies, 8 V dies and 1 plain die)...

How to Use the Beadalon® Tying Station

Unscrew the wing nut at the upper part of the tying station. Make a loop with your wire/cord and tie or crimp it.

How to Use Magnifiers

Designing with Invisible Cording

Add 6 crystal bicones to the cord.

Weighing with Digital Scales

Digital scales are great to use when your pattern calls for a specific measurement in weight.

What are Designer Quality Gemstones?

How to Use the Crystal Applicator™ Tool and Button Die Sets

Identify (A) upper and (B) lower die holders on tool.

Friendly Plastic® Modeling Pellets

Explore the jewelry design possibilities of moldable Friendly Plastic pellets as Rose Wingenbach, in-house jewelry designer, explains how to heat, knead and even add pigments to this thermoplastic molding compound.

How to Use a Pin Vise to Twist Wire

Unscrew chuck tip.

How to Knot Pearls with Perfection Using the easyknotter®

Create beautiful knotted pearl jewelry with the help of the easyknotter. See how to use this handy tool for even, professional knots every time in no time. Create evenly spaced knots quickly and easily with the easyknotter. This compact tool is easy...

How to Use the Adaptable Eyelet and Rivet Tool Set

Turn bottom jaw thumbscrew counter clockwise to loosen.Insert desired interchangeable setting into bottom jaw (spring loaded side).Turn thumbscrew clockwise to tighten.

How to Use the Wire Curling Mandrel

Insert cut end of wire into slot on tool shaft

Using a Jeweler's Saw as a Pearl/Bead Reamer

Release one side of the blade from frame. Slide pearls onto smallest saw blade

Tronex® Pliers

By customer request, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads carries Tronex® jewelry-making pliers. Learn all about the available pliers and why you’ll love these ergonomic jewelry tools in this product spotlight.

How to Use Cupchain Connectors

Apply a small dab of Loctite® 454 Gel adhesive to interior bottom of connector.

Magnetic Rack

Alice Gershowitz, in-house jewelry designer, explains how the multipurpose magnetic rack for jewelry-making tools will make your design life easier by getting tools up off your workspace.

How to Set Up the Rotary Tool

Follow along with Joel Peterson to see how to change out the various bits or attach a flex shaft to the rotary tool and use this jewelry-making tool for inlaying, cutting, carving, cleaning and polishing.

How to Create a Wrapped Gear and Swarovski Focal

In this silent animation, you’ll see up close how to wire wrap a Swarovski® crystals rivoli or other stone into the center of a gear component for a steampunk-inspired jewelry link or pendant.
166 Resource(s) Found
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