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Paua Shell Herringbone Bracelet

Mother-of-Pearl, Natural: Meaning and Properties

Natural mother-of-pearl shell for jewelry refers to the nacre itself, which coats the inside layer of the mollusk shell that forms pearls--hence, it's the mother of the pearl.

Mother-of-Pearl, White: Meaning and Properties

Especially popular in Victorian-inspired jewelry designs, mother-of-pearl shell is often seen as cameos, but it isn't just for feminine jewelry, as it is a favorite for cuff links and tie tacks.


An iridescent mother-of-pearl harvested from certain saltwater mollusks. Paua shell is a variety of abalone.

Paua Shell Hair Sticks with Swarovski Crystal Beads and Sterling Silver Links

Blister Pearl

Blister pearls are a pearly excrescence formed on the inside of the shell of a mollusk (oyster) commonly enclosing a foreign body, such as a bit of mud or parasite. Blister pearls are often irregular in shape.

Cowrie/Cowry Shell

A shell, commonly white but also available in colors and patterns, which is smooth and glossy with a long, narrow, slit-like opening. Historically, cowries of different species have been used as a form of money. Additionally, the cowrie is used in a number of cultures as a symbol of childbirth, femaleness or womanhood.
Limpid Pools Necklace
Sea Pine
Sea Breeze

Bouquet with Paua Shell Cabochons, White Lotus™ Cultured Freshwater Pearls and Wyla Nylon Tulle Fabric

Peachyberry Pearls
Hang clusters of glimmering mother-of-pearl shell and gleaming silver-plated brass drops on chain to form stylish earrings.
Carnival Cord

Multi-Strand Necklace with Mother-of-Pearl Beads and Blue Agate Gemstone Beads

If Feathers Could Sing

Earrings with Paua Shell Beads and Gold-Filled Bead Components

Cuff Links with Black Mother-of-Pearl Cabochons

Simply Spiral
Flag Day
1451 Resource(s) Found
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