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Wrapping Stones and Beads with Half-Round Wire

Renowned jewelry artist Sandra Lupo demonstrates how to wire wrap a freeform stone in this video tutorial that also has written instructions so you can follow along whichever way you want.

Adding French Wire and Clasp to Silk Thread

French wire or buillion is a finely woven coil of sterling silver, "vermeil" or gold-filled wire. Choose a size that suits the size thread and bead hole of the beads in your design (you don't want to lose the French wire inside the bead).

Hand Knotting Pearls

Hand-knotting with thread places evenly sized knots in between each pearl or bead in your design. The technique outlined is done by forming the knot with your hands then finishing it neatly using a pair of finely pointed tweezers. It assumes a silk...

Creating and Designing with Links

Create links from sew-on stones using jumprings. Connect enough Swarovski crystal twist flat round sew-on stones to create a bracelet design. Fancy twist jumprings enhance the twist design of the stones.

Designing with Wire Coils

Wire coils created with tools, gadgets and forming devices have limitless possibilities in jewelry making.

Making a Silk Thread Needle

Create a silk thread needle when hand knotting pearls and other beads. This type of needle allows you to work without a metal needle as well as offers an easier start and finish when working with the hand knotting technique.

Crochet with Wire: The Chain Stitch

Create strands of beaded crochet with wire, beads and a crochet hook. Choose beads that suit your style or your outfit. Briolette-shaped beads are a great choice as they dangle and sway, catching the light and showing off their color and facets.

Forming Basic Wire Shapes

Wire manipulation takes many forms in jewelry-making. A necklace and pendant design can be enhanced with handmade wire components that include a formed clasp, pendant hanger and bead cage. Work with soft tempered wire to minimize the risk of...

Making Ball-Tip Headpins with a Butane Torch

Use a Microtorch for butane fuel to make ball tipped headpins out of sterling silver wire.

Forming Complex Wire Shapes

American sculptor, Alexander Calder (1898-1976) has been a great inspiration to many wireworking jewelry makers. His large-scale wire jewelry becomes complex when combined with other wire types, styles and shapes and varying materials. He has shown...

Forming Wire Coils

Create wire coils with tools, gadgets and forming devices designed to make consistent coils for limitless jewelry-making. Have fun choosing from all the different wires to then make different coils.

Making Headpins from Wire

Sterling silver and copper wire can be fashioned into headpins finished with different patterns on the ends: spiral, diamond, pretzel and a hammered paddle.

Making Jump Rings with Jump Ring Mandrels

You can learn how to make your own jump rings! Sandra Lupo metalsmithing expert shows how to use wire and a mandrel to form these jewelry-making powerhouses.
13 Resource(s) Found
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