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Accu-Flex® Beading Wire

Durable and flexible Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire has plenty of benefits. Learn about them in this jewelry-making product show-and-tell with Tanya.

Using Crimp Tubes with Accu-Flex® Beading Wire

Professionally secure your Accu-Flex stringing designs with handy crimp tubes. Jewelry-making expert Tammy Honaman demonstrates how in this video tutorial.

Product Spotlight: Boss' Bead Bag

Discover the endless design possibilities of the Boss' Bead Bag as jewelry designer Rose creates an eclectic Bohemian-style bracelet from miscellaneous pieces.

Part 8: Seed Bead Jewelry Finishing Techniques

Finally, after all of your beautiful hard work, it's time to assmble your beaded collar. Find out how in part 8 with Jody young.

Using Crimp Covers

Crimp covers provide a professional and stylish way to finish your jewelry. Learn the proper way to use them in this video tutorial and instructions.

Using French Wire with Accu-Flex® Professional Quality Beading Wire

French wire is a versatile finding known for protecting thread from wear and tear. Watch as designer Marlynn McNutt shows how to use it with Accu-Flex® wire.

How To Use a Wide Eye Needle™

Wide Eye Needles™ come in lengths ranging from 1-1/2 inches to 5 inches long, and are very thin allowing them to pass several times through most beads. The shorter needles work well on weaving projects where the longer needles work well for picking...

Using Crimp Ends with Accu-Flex® Beading Wire

Crimp ends secure your beading wire and make it easy to add your favorite clasps. Jewelry-making expert Tammy Honaman walks you through how to use these handy little findings.

Secrets to Bead Tips with Accu-Flex® Beading Wire

See how to use bead tips to hide crimp covers for a professional finish on beading wire in this short tutorial led by jewelry-making expert and instructor Tammy Honaman.

Using Spacer Bars in Multi-Strand Designs

Spacer bars are a great way to bring structure—and style!—to your multi-strand jewelry creations. Expert jewelry designer Tammy Honaman shows how they work in this video.

Secrets to Crimping with Crimp Tubes

Finish beading wire securely and professionally with crimp tubes. Expert jewelry maker and instructor Tammy Honaman shows how to use crimp tubes for adding clasps directly to the end of your strung jewelry design.

How To Crimp a Crimp Bead/Crimp Tube

Crimp beads are a vital finding in many jewelry designs. Learn how to properly use them with crimping pliers in this instructional guide and video.

Crimping with Screw-Tite Crimps™

Screw-Tite Crimps are a secure way to connect your beading wire to a finding, such as a clasp. What makes this style crimp different from other crimps is that it is secured in place with a set screw. And not only is this crimp secure it can also be...

Creating a Polymer Clay Lump Cat

In this step-by-step tutorial, renowned polymer clay artist Christi Friesen demonstrates how to make what she calls a lump cat, a cute feline sculpted from Premo! Sculpey® jewelry clay and other jewelry supplies.

Using Cones

Cones are a great, professional way to end multi-strand designs. This video shows how to utilize them in your jewelry creations.

How to Use the Hidden Crimp End Clasp

Hidden crimp end clasps give a finished, professional look to any strung bead design. Learn how to incorporate them into your jewelry creations with these animated instructions.

Using Accu-Guard™ Wire Protectors

Not quite sure how to use Accu-Guard wire protectors? This instructional video shows how easy it is to protect your jewelry from wear and tear.
17 Resources Found
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