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Single-Strand Necklace with Apoxie Sculpt®, Rhinestone Chatons and Glitter

Ornament with Apoxie Sculpt®, Mica Powder and Steel Snowflake Ornament Frame

Tips for Foil and Apoxie Sculpt

Lisa Pavelka, famous mixed media artist, explains some tips for working with craft foils on polymer clay (and adhesive clay like Apoxie® Sculpt) in this quick and fun tutorial.

Single-Strand Necklace with Apoxie® Sculpt and Acrylic with Antiqued Silver-Finished Brass and ''Pewter'' Focal

Double-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Swarovski® Crystals and Apoxie® Sculpt

Ring with Turquoise Gemstone Chips and Apoxie® Sculpt

Style Snapshot: Aim for Bullet Jewelry

Bullet jewelry is a popular accessory for a number of demographics including enthusiasts, military personnel and family members, males and others. See right here some of the interesting ways designer-artists are creating jewelry with spent shell...

Foiled Apoxie® Sculpt Pendant

In this tutorial, mixed media artist extraordinaire Lisa Pavelka demonstrates how to create a faux dichroic glass effect using craft foils and Apoxie® Sculpt jewelry clay adhesive.

Bib-Style Necklace and Earring Set with Apoxie® Sculpt, Wood Beads and Anodized Aluminum Chain

Style Snapshot: The Eyes (and Lips) Have It

Eyes and lips are showing up in popular fashion on everything from clothing to purses and of course, jewelry. It's time to channel your inner Picasso, designer-artists. The eyes have it (and the lips), in jewelry design. Go bold with your eye and...

Easy Peasy Holiday Ornament!

Follow along step by step with prominent mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka to learn how to make a holiday ornament with two-part Apoxie® sculpt clay, craft foils and a clear ornament base. Embellish with all your favorite jewelry-making supplies.

Bracelet with Glass Rhinestone and PVC Plastic Tube

Home Decor Spider with Swarovski® Crystals, Apoxie® Sculpt and Viking Knit Wirework

Lisa Pavelka Embossing Cutter

Create detailed shapes in polymer clay, Apoxie® Sculpt and other jewelry-making materials with Lisa Pavelka’s embossing cutters. Learn more about how to use these handy jewelry clay tools from Lisa herself.

Using Magic-Glos® to Create a Glass-Like Surface

Lisa Pavelka, mixed media artist extraordinaire, shows how easy it is to give any flat surface a glass-like effect for jewelry making, even if it doesn’t have a bezel wall, thanks to the self-leveling UV resin called Magic-Glos®.

How to Make Faux Dichroic Jewelry Components Using Apoxie® Sculpt

This project, led by award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka, walks you through the steps to create a jewelry component from Apoxie® Sculpt jewelry clay adhesive with a faux dichroic glass look.

Bead Soup Mosaic

Mixed media artist extraordinaire Lisa Pavelka shows you how easy and fun it is to create a mosaic by placing beads in Apoxie® Sculpt, the jewelry clay that is also an adhesive.

Designing with 2-Part Epoxy

2-part epoxy is a versatile medium. Not only is it a glue that will join two things together, it can be molded, shaped, textured and used to create stunning designs.

Napkin Rings with Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones and Molding Compound

Apoxie® Sculpt Gifted Greeting Photo Frame

Create a photo frame gift and greeting card all in one with mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka in this step-by-step tutorial using Apoxie® Sculpt clay, craft foils, texture stamps and embossing cutters all available at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.
136 Resource(s) Found
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