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Art Clay Silver - Paste Type

Art Clay Pendant

Art Clay Gold 22k - Clay Type

Art Clay Silver Syringe Type

Art Clay Silver 650/1200 - Paste Type

Art Clay® Silver Clay

Can Art Clay® be used to create bangle bracelets? If so, approximately how many packs of clay would I need?

In the Free Beading Instructions resource there is a how-to video and illustrated instructions.

Pendant with Art Clay® Silver, Fimo® Polymer Clay and Lisa Pavelka Craft Foil

As Featured in Art Jewelry magazine, March 2007
Kyoto Garden
School of Fish Earrings

In the art clay tutorial it shows a piece being created that has a bail, how is the bail attached? Does it adhere during the firing process? Also I work a lot with sea glass, any suggestion on how to accommodate for shrinkage, or will the glass...

The bail has feet on it which can be set or pressed into the clay while it is still pliable. Art Clay paste is then applied to the clay after it has...

Flying Squirrel
Craters of the Moon These earring designs are out of this world! Art Clay® has been burned into round filigree balls of pure silver. Attach to sterling silver flower earwires for a fun, original style.
Relic Pendant
Bracelet with Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay and Swarovski Crystal Beads Simply Silver
Jack in the Box

I recently got the Art Clay kit with my order and have followed all of the instructions that came with the kit and viewed the video. The clay is not firing as the instructions say it will and turned immediately to metal and then to black. Once it...

There are a few things to keep in mind before you begin firing your metal clay:Size: The finished design should be no larger than a half dollar....

I bought some silver Art Clay some years ago, it's never been opened. Do you know if it can still be used? I would be firing it with a butane torch. Thanks!

The clay can still be used. Any unfired clay can be made reusable in one form or the other.Open the package to see what condition the clay is in. If...

As Featured in Rock and Gem magazine May 2008 and Jewelry Artist magazine January 2008

Pin with Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay and Sapphire Gemstones

As Featured in Rock and Gem magazine October 2007 and Step By Step magazine January 2008

What is Art Clay Silver Oil Paste used for? And what is the bottle of clear liquid that comes with it used for?

Art Clay® Silver oil paste is an oil-based product, specifically made to use on already fired silver pieces. Oil paste is used like a solder and is...

Cause and Effect
As featured in magazine, Summer 2008
As Featured in Art Jewelry magazine May 2008, Jewelry Artist magazine September 2008 and Flow magazine, Fall 2009

Box with Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay

Box with Art Clay® Precious Metal ClayGold Medal Prize Winner, 2005-2006 Beading Contest
As featured in magazine Fall 2008, magazine June 2007, and magazine August 2008
Winter Blossom
As featured in magazine January 2008 and magazine March 2008
As Featured in Rock and Gem magazine, September 2008
Rabbit in the Moon
Check out this stunning necklace featuring Kato Polyclay, shell beads and seed beads. Designed by Christy Sherman, this piece was featured in Rock and Gem magazine.
As Featured in Rock and Gem magazine, March 2007
As Featured in Art Doll magazine Spring 2009, Bead agazine August 2007, and Flow magazine May 2008, and Step By Step magazine May 2007, and Soft Dolls and Animals magazine February and April 2008
Mousie, Mousie
School of Fish Necklace

I recently made a ring out of Art Clay silver, and can't get it off the mandrel! I've found a lot of suggestions for preventing Art Clay from sticking in the future, but none that help me fix what's already been done. How do I get my ring free...

Adding water to the ring band will soften the clay and help relieve some of the tension being applied to the mandrel from the ring which occurs when...

Royal Salt and Pepper Shakers
Holiday Glimmer

Is it possible to fire Swarovski crystals with Art Clay or PMC (as you can with CZs) without harm to the stone?

You cannot fire Swarovski crystals into any metal clay; they will melt causing the crystal to lose its facets and sometimes distort the color at the...

As Featured in Jewelry Artist magazine, July 2009

Pendant with Art Clay® Silver, Fimo® Professional Polymer Clay and Lisa Pavelka Craft Foil

As featured in magazine, May 2008
As featured in magazine, June 2008
As featured in magazine, July 2008
Essence of Egypt

I notice that after firing my Art Clay with a torch, it no longer lies flat (when it was flat before firing). Am I firing too long, or not long enough?

Warping or distortion often happens if the flame of a torch is concentrated for too long in one part of the piece or when a piece is too large to be...

I had some left over Art Clay and wrapped it back into the original packaging. When I went to work with it again a few weeks later, it crumbled. I added some water and put it back in the packaging but it is still in pieces. Can you suggest another...

Place the clay into a suitable receptacle, and using a tool, break the dried clay into as tiny pieces as is possible. I like to work in a very sturdy...

Bling Ring Set

Can you mix the different Art Clays, the slow drying and the regular? Or do they need to be used seperately because of different working times?

Yes, you can mix the two different types of Art Clay® 650. There will be no adverse effects although you will diminish the working time of the slow...

I'm looking to create bezel settings in my art clay pieces. Can silver solder be used to attach sterling to fine silver? I've also seen a product called oil paste which is meant for bonding fired pieces together...Does it bond only fine silver...

Yes, Art Clay® Silver can successfully be soldered with silver solder--please be sure to follow proper soldering safety, including having good...

Single-Strand Necklace with Czech Glass Beads and Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay Pendant

I'm interested in making a line of tags for dog collars out of the art clay. Is there any reason I shouldn't use this sort of medium (toxicity, etc.)? I'm also curious as to its durability. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Art Clay is a non-toxic material, so there's no toxicity issue for using it around pets. However, fine silver is quite a bit softer than sterling...

Lily of the Valley Necklace

Is it safe to put Apoxie® Sculpt (two part epoxy) onto Art Clay once it has been fired?

Yes, once the Art Clay®, and other metal clays as well, have been properly fired, you can apply Apoxie Sculpt in any fashion you'd like.Note: Apoxie...

Triple-Strand Necklace with Amethyst and Tanzanite Gemstone Beads and Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay Beads

If I want to make a small amount of paste from my Silver Art Clay, someone told me to mix it with some kind of oil. What kind of oil?

Water is all you need to make paste from metal clay; preferably distilled water since it has fewer impurities versus tap or well water.Remove a small...

Triple-Strand Necklace with Coral and Mother-of-Pearl Gemstone Beads and Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay Pendant

As Featured in Beadwork magazine, April 2007
Sweet Silver Birdhouses

Multi-Strand Necklace with Green Aventurine and Carnelian Gemstone Beads and Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay Pendant

Triple-Strand Necklace with Turquoise and Tigereye Gemstone Beads and Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay Pendant

I have many large uncalibrated stones. I would like to create my own mounts with Artclay. Will the prongs bend and not be too brittle for setting the stones after firing?

After firing, metal clay is very malleable and not brittle as long as the firing was completed successfully. Silver metal clay is 0.999% silver and...

Single-Strand Necklace with Smoky Quartz Gemstone Beads and Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay Beads

Single-Strand Necklace with Multi-Colored Tourmaline Gemstone Beads and Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay Beads

Lily of the Valley Earrings

Multi-Strand Necklace with Green Aventurine and Amethyst Gemstone Beads and Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay Mardi Gras Pendant

I have a small star sapphire and I wanted to make it into a ring using the Art Clay Silver. The gem chart that lists the characteristics of gemstones and indicates which ones are safe to fire in a kiln, lists normal sapphires but it doesn't list...

It isn't safe to fire star sapphires in a kiln as they will crumble to dust due to the extreme heat and nature of a star sapphire. You will need to...

I have a hot pot that fires silver clay with pellet stove gel. Do I have to use PMC3 or can I use Art Clay? Is there a difference in the clay itself or does it just depend on the size/grams?

Hot pots are designed for use with low fire metal clay--PMC3® and Art Clay® 650 both fit the bill. The two brands of clay are different in a few...

We've saved the cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels for a long time--I've done a lot of craft projects with my kids and am looking for a new idea--do you have anything that we can use them for that would incorporate Art Clay® or Kato...

Toilet paper rolls are the perfect size for making napkin rings; paper towel tubes are just about 1/4 inch smaller so would work great for this as...

Wisconsin Hwy 64 Schoolhouse
Lake MacDonald at Dusk
Wall Flower Series
Boho Fairy Door Pixie Portal
Indoor Wall Garden
Lighting Bling
Aboriginal Man
The Flight of the Eagle
Four Doors Grand Prize Bronze Medal Winner
Tiki Tavi
Space Kraken!
Moon and Stars Venetian Masque
Great Horned Owl
Winter Solstice Owl

Whenever I buy shell beads, like abalone, at an arts and craft store, they are affixed to something like clay, or something like it, so a hole can be drilled for bead stringing. I am trying to find out what the shell is affixed to and if it is...

As shell is quite fragile, some shell beads and focals will be laminated with an acrylic or resin backing for stability and long-wearing...

On the back cover of the June 2011 Craft n' Things there is an ad for your catalog featuring the art of Carol Blackburn using colored liquid polymer clay. Where do I find the instructions for this technique. Thank you.

"Creating a Colorful Liquid Polyclay™ Sheet" by Tammy Honaman is listed below and outlines the basics on this technique. This how-to was featured in...

Cork Clay

Soft, moldable cork clay is easily shaped and refined into a solid core for Art Clay® beads and sculptural pieces, saving you valuable time making hollow forms. Keep all unused portions of the cork clay tightly wrapped. If it dries, it cannot be...

Art Clay® Gold Paste

Lady Beads

Using Metal Clay

Enjoy the fun and versatility of playing with clay with a twist ... firing the finished piece transforms it into a valuable, pure silver treasure to wear as jewelry.
Blue Topaz Briolette Earrings
Babe in the Woods
Silver Leaf
As Featured in Metal Clay Artist magazine, January 2010
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