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Art Clay Silver 650/1200 - Paste Type

Art Clay Silver - Paste Type

Art Clay Silver Syringe Type

Incorporate fine details into metal clay creations with syringe-type Art Clay® Silver. Not sure how to use it? This resource will help you get started.

Art Clay Gold 22k - Clay Type

Art Clay Pendant

Metal clay is a revolutionary way to create precious metal jewelry designs. Learn how to create a finished piece and then turn your creativity loose.

Art Clay® Silver Clay

Can Art Clay® be used to create bangle bracelets? If so, approximately how many packs of clay would I need?

In the Free Beading Instructions resource there is a how-to video and illustrated instructions.

In the art clay tutorial it shows a piece being created that has a bail, how is the bail attached? Does it adhere during the firing process? Also I work a lot with sea glass, any suggestion on how to accommodate for shrinkage, or will the glass...

The bail has feet on it which can be set or pressed into the clay while it is still pliable. Art Clay paste is then applied to the clay after it has...

As Featured in Rock and Gem magazine May 2008 and Jewelry Artist magazine January 2008
Craters of the Moon These earring designs are out of this world! Art Clay® has been burned into round filigree balls of pure silver. Attach to sterling silver flower earwires for a fun, original style.
Box with Art Clay® Precious Metal ClayGold Medal Prize Winner, 2005-2006 Beading Contest

Pin with Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay and Sapphire Gemstones

Metal clay is the perfect complement to polymer clay. In this project, you'll learn multiple techniques to create a stunning piece of jewelry with a faux relic embellishment.
Bring the charm of forest life inside with this realistic squirrel décor. Create your own by sculpting and painting polymer clay.
As Featured in Rock and Gem magazine October 2007 and Step By Step magazine January 2008

Box with Art Clay® Precious Metal Clay

Cause and Effect

What is Art Clay Silver Oil Paste used for? And what is the bottle of clear liquid that comes with it used for?

Art Clay® Silver oil paste is an oil-based product, specifically made to use on already fired silver pieces. Oil paste is used like a solder and is...

I bought some silver Art Clay some years ago, it's never been opened. Do you know if it can still be used? I would be firing it with a butane torch. Thanks!

The clay can still be used. Any unfired clay can be made reusable in one form or the other.Open the package to see what condition the clay is in. If...

As featured in magazine, Summer 2008
1048 Resource(s) Found
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