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Setting a Cabochon with a Bezel Pusher and Burnisher

Place the cabochon of your choice into a bezel that will accommodate it.Note: Verify the cabochon is calibrated or a larger setting may be required: sizes on non-calibrated cabochons vary slightly.

Setting a Cabochon with a Bezel Roller and Burnisher

These tools and techniques will produce a uniform, secure mount for your stone.

How to Use the Bead Buddy® Cabochon Mandrel

Follow along with Rose to see the easy way to wrap an oval cabochon using the amazing Bead Buddy® cabochon mandrel.

How to Use Fancy Bezel Settings with Cabochons

Place calibrated cabochon into bezel setting.

How to Wire Wrap a Cabochon Setting

Wire wrapping is a great way to display cabochons that don't fit in a premade bezel. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to make wire wrapping a breeze.

How To Use Cab-Tite™ Settings

Elegant, easy-to-use Cab-Tite settings give professional results fast.

How To Use Wrap-Tite® Settings

Wrap-Tite settings offer a fully-enclosed, double loop enclosure for your stone.

Rock 'n Roll with Polymer Clay

Play with beads and polymer clay to create a custom Premo! Sculpey® clay setting for any cabochon by following these step-by-step project instructions from award-winning artist, Christi Friesen.

How to Use Adjustable Ring Findings

Slide ring onto ring mandrel to desired ring size.

How to Use Two-Sided Bezel Settings

See how easy it is to set Swarovski® crystals fancy stones and cabochons in these two-sided calibrated bezel mounts with pliers and a prong pusher to create beautiful pendant jewelry.

How to use Bezelite and Bezelite-Style Settings

Bezelite settings give a great professional look to your faceted stones.They come in sterling silver, gold-filled and "vermeil", in earrings and pendant findings.

Part 6: Taking Seed Bead Embroidery Technique Further (Combining Bracelet Components)

Find out how to combine bead embroidery components with Jody Young in part 6.

Designing with Glue-on Bails

Add a line of glue following the metal line between the reservoirs using an instant glue like Loctite® 454 Gel. This is an instant glue and sets in about 5 seconds.

How to Use Molding Compound

Want to make replicas of some of your unique stations or other items? Learn how to use molding compound  to duplicate even fragile items. This is an excellent way to duplicate hard-to-find vintage buttons.

Part 3: Add a Peyote Stitch Bezel to an Existing Component

Move on to part 3 of the Jody Young series to learn how to add a Peyote stich bezel.

Part 1: Basics to Seed Bead Embroidery

Join Jody Young for part 1 of her seed bead embroidery series. First, you'll need to know the basics.

Using Gem Setting Pliers

Using your gem setting pliers the right way will make the job easier and reduce the risk of marring your stones and settings.

Part 2: Introducing Accents

Join Jody Young for part 2 of her seed bead embroidery series. Learn how to beautifully accent cabachons with a couching-style stitch.

Fire Mountain Fix: Getting Magic-Glos® to the Edges

Mixed media artist extraordinaire Lisa Pavelka is here with a Fire Mountain Fix to answer the jewelry resin question: how can I get Magic-Glos UV resin to the edges of my jewelry project and create a domed effect?

Firing Metal Clay with a Butane Torch

Award-winning artist Lisa Pavelka shares terminology, techniques and safety tips for firing metal clay with a butane torch.
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