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Chainmaille: Fashionable Armor

Many centuries ago, medieval blacksmiths discovered that thousands of tiny metal rings meshed together made a stab-resistant, ultra-light armor. This battlefield innovation, called chainmaille, protected knights from swords, daggers and arrows. But...

Instant Chemistry: Bib-Style Necklace Jewelry Set Featuring Chainmaille and Swarovski Crystal

Set off fashion fireworks and create instant chemistry with this sparkling bib-style necklace jewelry set that's sure to make 2015 a memorable and magical year.

Everything You Need to Know About Jumprings

are an essential finding for jewelry designers. These handy little components can seem a little overwhelming at first with the myriad of uses, materials, sizes and other options to consider. We're here to break it all down for you and get you fully...

Style Snapshot: Scalemaille Jewelry

Scalemaille jewelry is gaining popularity. Discover all the design possibilities these scale components offer and get inspired to start creating today.

Style Snapshot: Climb the Ladder Trend

Use popular ladder pattern trends to achieve new style heights in jewelry designs.

Style Snapshot: Beaded Purse Straps

Ready to take on a different kind of beading project and make a fashion statement? Embellished purse handles are glitzy and fun for evening wear. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Style Snapshot: Terrarium Jewelry

Botanical, terrarium jewelry is a growing trend--literally. These eco-inspired jewelry designs are wearable, living curiosities made with vessels and specific types of plants or moss.

All About Jump Rings

Jump rings are essential findings for your toolbox--not only do they hold things together, but you can use them to create your own chain. Here are some interesting facts about jump rings.

Life in Color: Oh! Ring™ Components

Oh how we love the flamboyant bright neon colors of soft and pliable rubber Oh! Rings™. Twisty little circles are so versatile and you can even add to jump rings for chainmaille.

Artistic Evolution

''By the time I was a senior in high school, I'd been playing the piano for a dozen years, and many people expected me to pursue it in college,'' Rebeca explains. ''However, it wasn't something that came truly natural to me. I enjoyed playing, but I...

Style Snapshot: Wrap Chokers

Choker necklaces were created all the way back in ancient civilizations as an adornment that protects the neck, a very vital part of the body. Similar to chainmaille's evolution, the choker has turned purely into a fashion statement. Chokers were...

Trends: Glimpses of 2014

"In 2014 I look forward to creating intricate structures defined by the subtle hues of stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass. I've worked so much with color in the past decade, but I am looking forward to developing a collection of earthy...

Trend Flash: Hand Bracelets

From wrist to fingers, hands are getting a lot of attention these days from jewelry artists. Seen on runways and in collections from renowned designers including Alexander McQueen, hand bracelets are the "right now" fashion accessory. Also known as...

Style Snapshot: Messy Chain Phenomenon

In the "more is always better" aesthetic, one of the ongoing trends is attention-demanding jewelry resembling chain that has become hopelessly tangled at the bottom of a jewelry box. The "messy chain" style features chaotic tangles of multicolored,...

Style Snapshot: Heavy Metals

According to recent style forecasts from magazine, knits, velvets and other materials are getting bigger, chunkier and heavier--so metal wanted to join in the fun, too. The catwalk has seen an increasing amount of standalone metal pieces or metal...

Style Snapshot: An Ocean of Style: Sealife Inspirations for Fashion Accessories

Splash into an ocean of style. With shells, charms, rippling ribbons and more you can bring the ocean to your designs.

Boost Sales and Inspiration Through Jewelry-Making Books

If you own a jewelry supply business, but don't sell jewelry-making books, you're missing a large opportunity for revenue. Whether your customers are new or veteran beaders, having a shelf of jewelry-making books on hand is never a bad idea....

Dream Jewelry

Let your dreams inspire your jewelry creations. This article shows you how dream-inspired art can hold significant meaning and how to channel your unconscious wishes and desires into designs.

Style Snapshot: The Octopus Jewelry Trend

Octopuses usually live at the bottom of the sea, but they've also taken shelter in jewelry designs. This article shows why octopus jewelry is worth the hype.

The Rock Star Look: Embellished Guitar Straps

Artists like Jimi Hendrix, B.B King, Eric Clapton and more all rocked stylish and vibrant guitar straps to add to their rock classics. Create embellished straps with seed beads, cording or even Swarovski® crystal.
41 Resource(s) Found
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