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2022 Jewelry-Making Contest Winners

There's only one word to sum up Deb Benninger's masterpiece: SPECTACULAR! was created for a photoshoot and meant to resemble "a swarm of butterflies around the neck," according to the artist. Each shining butterfly wing is wire wrapped and woven...

Make Your Own 80s-Inspired Jewelry

Make your own 80s-inspired jewelry that's sure to make a big and bold statement. Use the suggested design ideas to get started today.

The Rock Star Look: Embellished Guitar Straps

Artists like Jimi Hendrix, B.B King, Eric Clapton and more all rocked stylish and vibrant guitar straps to add to their rock classics. Create embellished straps with seed beads, cording or even Crystal Passions® crystal.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Handmade Jewelry

Learn the history of Valentine's Day, how its celebrated around the world and ideas for making handmade jewelry that's sure to steal hearts.

How to Accessorize Your Jeans with Jewelry

More and more individuals are dressing up their jeans for all kinds of occasions, and you can, too!

Wrap Chokers

Chokers continue to be a fashion staple. See how the wrap choker has grown in popularity and find ideas for your next design.

Beaded Purse Straps

Ready to take on a different kind of beading project and make a fashion statement? Embellished purse handles are glitzy and fun for evening wear. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Acrostic Jewelry: Spelling with Gemstones

Looking for a fun idea with gemstones? See how to use the Alphabet of Gemstones to spell out messages for custom jewelry creations.

Scalemaille Jewelry

Scalemaille jewelry is gaining popularity. Discover all the design possibilities these scale components offer and get inspired to start creating today.

5 Easy Ways to Live Life More Fully

In today's hustle and bustle, sometimes it helps to take a step back and do a few simple things that make you feel relaxed, happy or just a little more fulfilled. Here's our list of five easy ways to accomplish this. Plus, you'll love how they can...

The Octopus Jewelry Trend

Octopuses usually live at the bottom of the sea, but they've also taken shelter in jewelry designs. This article shows why octopus jewelry is worth the hype.

Men's Accessory Ideas

Modern men are looking for ways to add jewelry or accessories to their wardrobe and therefore show off their style and interests. Don't limit yourself to thinking jewelry has to be necklaces, bracelets and the like. Expand your sense of men's...

Where Creativity Thrives

In this competitive day and age, professionals from all walks of life have their eyes set on improving their skills in order to remain relevant in the job market. Understanding the latest advances in your field keeps you relevant rather than...

Terrarium Jewelry

Botanical, terrarium jewelry is a growing trend--literally. These eco-inspired jewelry designs are wearable, living curiosities made with vessels and specific types of plants or moss.

Which Metals Should You Use?

Choosing the right metal to use in your jewelry involves balancing a number of factors. It's not just a case of gold vs silver. Get the lowdown on all materials metal.

Chainmaille: Fashionable Armor

Nowadays, demand for armor has shriveled while the need for exclusive jewelry has exploded. In this article, see how chainmaille offers endless possibilities for the clever designer.

Geek Chic Jewelry: Part 2 - Fantasy

Use your fantastical jewelry to send customers on magical quests fraught with dangerous creatures and epic rewards with inspiration from pop culture and this article.

Trend Flash: Hand Bracelets

From wrist to fingers, hands are getting a lot of attention these days from jewelry artists. Seen on runways and in collections from renowned designers including Alexander McQueen, hand bracelets are the "right now" fashion accessory. Also known as...

Wholesale Artists Shine

''I hand fabricate everything from silver and gold, and draw my inspiration from a combination of architecture and nature. I enjoy balancing strong structures with delicate textures and patterns,'' says Megan Clark. www.meganclarkjewelry.com Garden...

Everything You Need to Know About Jump Rings

An essential finding, jump rings are handy components for a multitude of purposes. Learn about types of connections, measurements, available materials and more in this article.
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