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Add a pop of color and texture to a beachy charm bracelet with Oh Rings™.
Using different colors and textures of jump rings creates a whole new look for the same chainmaille weave.
Promotional quality gemstone beads have never looked better than in this chainmaille bracelet that highlights their natural beauty.
The beaded clusters in this chainmaille bracelet have an almost floral effect. This variation on the Byzantine weave is sometimes called tryzantine.
Make this fun and vibrant bracelet with a mix of rigid and flexible rings for a look that's filled with unique, electric style.
In a beautiful juxtaposition, this maille jewelry set simultaneously evokes the look of soft feathers and battle armor.
The gorgeous opal at the center of this pendant informed the rest of Merilou Jenkins' design, resulting in swirling wirework forms that act as a playground for the eyes.
Sergiy Nagorny's "Encaptured" proves that inspiration can come from anywhere--even a cast iron fence overgrown with ivy.
Skyler Mou designed this intricate wireworked piece to represent vintage heirloom jewelry, as if you received a brooch from your great-great-grandmother.
Stephanie J. Eddy was inspired by Van Gogh's famous painting when she sought to explore the ancient art of French beaded flowers to create this swirling piece.
Jodi Zulueta's "The Emergence" reminds us to find what's most important in life and give it the love and attention it truly deserves.
Inspired by perserverance and strength, "The Negotiation" by Jodi Zulueta envelops the beauty of paua shell within thick, structured wirework.
Pearl jewelry is always in style and this necklace is a beautiful display of "Pearls and Swirls" with its exquisite wirework. View it up close for design inspiration.
This stunning wirework necklace is sure to turn heads and win over hearts everywhere. View this contest piece titled, "Be Still My Heart" for endless creative inspiration.
Look out! Jodi Zulueta's "Soul Claimer" features stunning wirework and an eye that feels as though it's staring into the deepest depths of your soul.
This design is un-bee-lievably sweet! Seed beads stitched together create vibrant honeycomb designs that are sure to please.
Take a trip to the tropics in the bright blue hues of this bubbling bracelet.
Passers-by will be utterly charmed with this bracelet. The contrasting metals and rainbow crystals especially fun and versatile.
Give spring-inspired designs a modern twist with dark colors and "tough" materials. This bracelet features chainmaille in deep tones to complement the black-plated birds.
Sparkling crystals in complementary shades and chainmaille form a stunning necklace and earring set worthy of ancient royalty.
406 Resources Found
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