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This interwoven chainmaille bracelet is as versatile as it is beautiful. Simply choose different color jump rings to create a bracelet as exceptional as you.
Designed with the tale of an epic warrior in mind, this chainmaille bracelet appears sturdy and tenacious as gunmetal-plated brass jump rings are bound by gold-plated brass jump rings and brought together with a gold-plated copper fold-over clasp.
With the grace of a third-century queen, “Zenobia’s Chain” is a dual chainmaille weave bracelet made with new “jade” gemstone accents and alternating gold and sterling silver jump rings.
Show off your vibrant personality with this peacock-inspired body chain. Colorful jump rings emulate the brilliance of peacock feathers, allowing you to flaunt your true colors.
Girl's night just got a little wilder with these earrings. Aluminum jump rings in vivid colors create a chainmaille design that shows off your fun-loving side.
Show your love for fashion with this unique pair of earrings. Glass crystals sparkle against chain clusters hanging from Japanese-weave chainmaille pieces.
This dainty piece makes a bold accessory! A simple chainmaille bracelet design with alternating pops of color using aluminum components.
Chainmaille, seed beads and filigree components create a distinct triangle design in this jewelry set. Gunmetal components keep the necklace and earrings sophisticated.
This artistic collar necklace takes inspiration from vibrant peacock feathers. Colorful chainmaille and seed beads make a true one-of-a-kind design.
With boho-chic style, this chainmaille bracelet exhibits complimenting colors of reds, purples, and yellows that work together to create a fun and simple accessory.
The chainmaille earring design “Prince Among Stars” radiates with luminous shine. It combines textured and colored jump rings to create a simple accessory with incredible glow.
Add exceptional detail to traditional chainmaille work with this design. Peyote stitch seed beads in vibrant colors line a chainmaille bracelet, creating a hidden pop of color.
This half-Persian chainmaille bracelet uses jump rings to create an understated, attractive design. This piece is easily customizable with beads or other components.
This visually complex, but simple, chainmaille technique is using gunmetal-plated and anodized aluminum jump rings to add eye-catching color and texture to this single-strand bracelet.
Robust metal components combine with soft pastels in this design. Light pink and grey beads contrast beautifully with black jump rings, making a sophisticated bracelet.
Math meets magnificence in this elegant design. Rhomboid chainmaille shapes combine with pearls to create a simplistic, cascading necklace.
This earring design is versatile enough to be whatever you'd like--a flower, a Celtic knot or planetary orbits. Colorful jump rings and Celestial Crystals® are easy to personalize.
Show everyone you mean business with this rugged design. Twisted jump rings in a spiral rope chainmaille weave create a versatile, rough-and-tumble bracelet.
Patriotism gets a new look with this chainmaille design. Colorful jump rings and star charms make attractive, pride-filled earrings.
A simple chainmaille bracelet with a thoughtful balance of color to add the perfect amount of flair.
398 Resource(s) Found
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