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This opulent bag is a must-have for any lavish affair. Gold-plated beads and components shine in an intricate European 6-in-1 weave.
Ideal for cosplay or as a display, this Warrior One design uses Japanese chainmaille techniques to create a stunning battle-inspired outfit.
This visually complex, but simple, chainmaille technique is using gunmetal-plated and anodized aluminum jump rings to add eye-catching color and texture to this single-strand bracelet.
The warm tones and interlocked jump rings in this bracelet bring the beauty of nature and science to mind. Jump rings and Crystal Passions® beads make an elegant, sturdy design.
This design requires minimal materials but appears incredibly complex. This classy chic chainmaille bracelet is simple to create using a Byzantine weave.
Resembling a Celtic design, this simple chainmaille bracelet is a beautiful accent piece to liven up a casual ensemble.
Show everyone you mean business with this rugged design. Twisted jump rings in a spiral rope chainmaille weave create a versatile, rough-and-tumble bracelet.
This "Gothic River" bracelet design combines chainmaille, leather, suede lace and copper components to create a tough, rugged-looking design ideal for both men and women.
This lively chainmaille bracelet is ideal for young and old alike. Brightly colored jump rings and a gemstone clasp create a simple, cheery design.
Patriotism gets a new look with this chainmaille design. Colorful jump rings and star charms make attractive, pride-filled earrings.
Show someone you care with this red and silver chainmaille bracelet. Czech pressed glass heart beads and a "made with love" charm remind the wearer they're loved.
Show your love for fashion with this unique pair of earrings. Glass crystals sparkle against chain clusters hanging from Japanese-weave chainmaille pieces.
Flowers don't have to be delicate. This chainmaille design embodies strength while using traditionally soft floral shapes.
"Knotwork Sun" combines gunmetal and gold-plated jump rings to make a chainmaille necklace. Finish off this design with a Celtic knot sun pendant.
The simple circular design of this necklace is its strongest feature. Simply swap colors of Czech glass rings to pair this elegant piece with any look.
Get creative with chainmaille in this design! Colorful jump rings in Mobius rings form lifelike Magenta Flowers on a bracelet.
This necklace, made of simple helm chain weave, is ideal for fancy occasions or everyday wear. Its understated design dresses up casual looks and enhances upscale attire.
Create a softer take on traditional chainmaille with this necklace. Two-toned jump rings in a box weave create a design that is both strong and simple.
Tell the world "no more Mister Nice Guy" with this unisex chainmaille bracelet featuring skull-shaped end bars for a bit of rock n' roll flair.
Take a walk on the wild side with this Chainmaille Jacket. Colorful jump rings and metal scale drops create an alternative jacket for you to go on with your bad self.
Feel as regal as a Pharaoh's Knight with this chainmaille collar necklace. The stripe of purple jump rings down the center of this design denotes an air of nobility and importance.
This understated chainmaille bracelet is the ideal accessory for any look. The simple construction of this design makes it an easy project for beginners.
Play with metal mixing in this colorful chainmaille bracelet. Use your favorite bead colors for extra embellishment.
Raku pottery mimics the look of long-forgotten stone in this pair of earrings. Pair with design idea 88Y0 to complete the look.
Cool blues and purples saturate this pair of chainmaille earrings. Colorful findings and Czech glass beads complement one another in this chandelier-inspired design.
This ladder-style bracelet uses Czech glass beads and chainmaille to create a versatile piece. Choose different colors of findings and beads to personalize it.
Chainmaille's never been so easy. Use the simple roundmaille technique to create this colorful bracelet.
Copper and silver tones mesh together well in this lovely bracelet. Interlocking jump rings create a low-key design to ideally accessorize any look.
Reminiscent of fish scales or a reptile's skin, this bracelet uses hammered metal links in chainmaille. Add a colorful finish or use different color jump rings to make it your own.
Chainmaille artist and instructor, Kat Wisniewski, has a fun, quick and easy helm chain bangle bracelet project that combines flexible and traditional jump rings.
Chainmaille links form an intricate grid pattern in this bracelet. Nestled in each open space is a Crystal Passions rhinestone, adding a little sparkle to the design.
A chainmaille bracelet with a vibrant color combination of luminous purple satin and bursting red-orange copper Czech glass beads that radiate against a rose gold-plated brass enclosure. A captivating piece for autumn, spring, or summer.
Robust metal components combine with soft pastels in this design. Light pink and grey beads contrast beautifully with black jump rings, making a sophisticated bracelet.
This artistic collar necklace takes inspiration from vibrant peacock feathers. Colorful chainmaille and seed beads make a true one-of-a-kind design.
Chainmaille, seed beads and filigree components create a distinct triangle design in this jewelry set. Gunmetal components keep the necklace and earrings sophisticated.
Can't choose which color materials to use? This bracelet uses a combination of gunmetal, gold-plated and antiqued brass pieces to create the ideal mixed-metals design.
Rule over a land of mythical creatures with this design. Chainmaille and scalemaille create a dragon-like dress fit for cosplay or trendsetting fashion.
This copper chainmail bracelet wasn’t just carefully crafted jump ring, by jump ring. All the jump rings were handmade using a wire-wrapping mandrel and artistic wire by Lisa Pavelka, an award-winning jewelry maker.
This groovy design takes helm weave chainmaille techniques and amplifies them with a wave pattern and brightly colored jump rings. Add in seed beads to bring a touch of sweetness.
Have scrap leather pieces? Don’t toss them just yet! This fun chainmaille and leather bracelet is ideal to make use of your leftover leather. Mix and match different pieces to construct your very own personalized design.
With the grace of a third-century queen, “Zenobia’s Chain” is a dual chainmaille weave bracelet made with new “jade” gemstone accents and alternating gold and sterling silver jump rings.
This simple yet intricate design is great for any look. Mobius rings and glass ring beads are easy to create and customize to suit your style.
Add exceptional detail to traditional chainmaille work with this design. Peyote stitch seed beads in vibrant colors line a chainmaille bracelet, creating a hidden pop of color.
This youthful earring design was inspired by the rings at a playground. Bright Crystal Passions® pearls accentuate Japanese-weave chainmaille in this pair of earrings.
You'll be the life of the party in this Violet Vestments dress! Vibrant chainmaille and scale components make any night in this dress one to remember.
This versatile chainmaille bracelet is two in one! Wear it right-side-up to display the orange and black colors or flip it over to display a reverse color pattern.
With boho-chic style, this chainmaille bracelet exhibits complimenting colors of reds, purples, and neutral coppers that work together to create an optically illusive pattern of movement.
Copper Sectional
The chainmaille earring design “Prince Among Stars” radiates with luminous shine. It combines textured and colored jump rings to create a simple accessory with incredible glow.
Chainmaille and Crystal Passions® drops hang from Accu-Flex beading wire in this design. Add even more crystals to the wire and clasp to complete this bracelet.
Bring a feeling of whimsy to your chainmaille designs. Colorful jump rings and a Hemalyke bead create a youthful, clever bracelet.
Girl's night just got a little wilder with these earrings. Aluminum jump rings in vivid colors create a chainmaille design that shows off your fun-loving side.
With boho-chic style, this chainmaille bracelet exhibits complimenting colors of reds, purples, and yellows that work together to create a fun and simple accessory.
Preserve the beauty of the ocean's waves with this chainmaille bracelet. Blue Czech glass rings in an oscillating pattern celebrate the ebb and flow of the tide.
Give your jewelry box a taste of elegance with this pair of chainmaille earrings. Lapis lazuli beads and sterling silver easily dress up any look.
This chainmaille bikini by designer Kat Wisniewski takes traditional jump ring jewelry to a whole new level. Black and purple components create an unparalleled set.
Ancient techniques combine with a modern feel in this cuff bracelet. Different color rings form a pattern reminiscent of steampunk or modern-day knights.
Celebrate the timeless beauty of ancient architecture with this history-inspired design. Raku pottery beads and copper chainmaille make a necklace to stand the test of time.
This chainmaille design mimics the colors and movement of a koi fish's scales. Connect jump rings in silver and copper tones to create this nature-inspired bracelet.
Who said functional and fanciful don't mix? This chainmaille can koozie brings excitement and a whole new perspective to quenching your thirst.
This interwoven chainmaille bracelet is as versatile as it is beautiful. Simply choose different color jump rings to create a bracelet as exceptional as you.
If you can open a jump ring, you can make these earrings. A great project for practicing chainmaille skills, this pair of blue and green earrings will have you looking fabulous.
Discover the secret of the rainbow's end with this design. Colorful jump rings and Crystal Passions® drops create a magical pair of earrings.
Designed with the tale of an epic warrior in mind, this chainmaille bracelet appears sturdy and tenacious as gunmetal-plated brass jump rings are bound by gold-plated brass jump rings and brought together with a gold-plated copper fold-over clasp.
Show off your vibrant personality with this peacock-inspired body chain. Colorful jump rings emulate the brilliance of peacock feathers, allowing you to flaunt your true colors.
Looking to keep things simple? Basic chainmaille techniques create a versatile necklace ideal for any gender, outfit or jewelry design.
Easily transition from battle to celebration with this one-of-a-kind bracelet. Traditional chainmaille techniques combine with pink opal to create an air of sophistication.
Color and form come alive in this beautifully detailed bracelet. Czech glass rings and seed beads enhance the look of chainmaille techniques, making this design shine.
Give spring-inspired designs a modern twist with dark colors and "tough" materials. This bracelet features chainmaille in deep tones to complement the black-plated birds.
The perfect chainmaille bracelet to add a touch of elegance to the staple little black dress.
This half-Persian chainmaille bracelet uses jump rings to create an understated, attractive design. This piece is easily customizable with beads or other components.
This dainty piece makes a bold accessory! A simple chainmaille bracelet design with alternating pops of color using aluminum components.
This "Ladies Collar" design is the ideal accessory for any outfit. Understated chainmaille with small Crystal Passions accents creates a versatile, everyday necklace.
A visually complex and beautiful satin silver caterpillar chainmaille bracelet accented with Japanese Miyuki glass seed beads.
Feel like a renaissance man (or woman!) with this necklace design. Byzantine chainmaille in a ladder design form a revival of traditional techniques.
This intricate design actually gives off an understated vibe. Interlocking jump rings, silicone rings and a clasp create a cool, tough-looking necklace.
Fashionable and creative, this chainmaille purse is sure to grab everyone's attention. Colorful handmade jump rings are locked together in a delicate rose pattern.
Jingle jangle--rainbow finish clear seed beads dance on blue and purple jump rings forming a cluster of color and movement hanging from aqua niobium ear wires.
A simple chainmaille bracelet with a thoughtful balance of color to add the perfect amount of flair.
This earring design is versatile enough to be whatever you'd like--a flower, a Celtic knot or planetary orbits. Colorful jump rings and Celestial Crystals® are easy to personalize.
This surrealist design shows that leaves don't always have to be shades of red or green. Blue crystals and gemstone beads accentuate the purple, brown and copper tones of this necklace.
This design requires minimal materials but appears incredibly complex. This elegant chainmaille bracelet is simple to create using a Byzantine weave.
Math meets magnificence in this elegant design. Rhomboid chainmaille shapes combine with pearls to create a simplistic, cascading necklace.
Transform your look with this stunning Phoenix Jacket from designer Vanessa Walilko. Chainmaille in a warm ombre signifies fire and rebirth.
Set your inner wild-child free with this bracelet. Byzantine chainmaille, glass beads and a claw-shaped component create a fashionable design that sets you apart from the rest.
A breathtaking chainmaille bracelet with luminous Preciosa Czech crystal beads. Alternating jump rings and glass beads creates a unique eye-catching design.
Creating some everyday fashion using chainmaille technique and Crystal Passions®, this finalist in the crystal contest by Melanie Armstrong is a handsome pair of earrings.
Harness the beauty of stained glass with this bracelet. Colorful jump rings in warm tones match the colorful Czech glass beads in this stunning design.
This chainmaille necklace design is ideal for pirates and travel enthusiasts alike. This is made with crystals and a bezel pendant, but any piece of treasure will do.
The beauty of this bracelet will have them spinning circles. The rich red of agate gemstone rings is accented by shimmering gold- and silver-tone jump rings for an elegant feel.
A fun and charming chainmaille necklace and earring set design with colorful porcelain beads.
Holiday-colored beads and charms add a touch of sparkle to this bracelet. This simple box weave design is just the right amount of flair for any occasion.
Embody a new kind of bridal style with this Wedding Fans necklace. Interwoven jump rings create fan shapes adorned with pearls and a Crystal Passions rivoli.
Feel as wise as an early philosopher with this distinctive pair of earrings. Chainmaille netting drapes over Crystal Passions in a fancy stone shape, bringing just a pinch of magic.
Stylish chainmaille knots create a beautiful, floral bracelet. Czech druk beads on headpins add just a touch of shimmer to this design.
Style-up your wardrobe with a bib-style chainmaille necklace and earring set. Play around with colors to create the perfect bold look for you.
You don't have to be an astronaut to create this design! Celestial Crystal beads and colorful jump rings bring to mind sparkling stars and abandoned spaceship parts.
Spring colors and chainmaille come together in this bracelet. Silicone rings in neon green are sure to catch attention--along with the hand-shaped clasp!
Show a sense of strength with this detailed design. Intricate wirework and chainmaille make this necklace exude prowess.
This statement necklace combines chainmaille with bright pastels to create a floral design. Pair with matching earrings to add a touch of sparkle to any look.
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