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Mimic the metallic faces created by Michela Verani to form your own beautiful "Lady Beads".
Love and Peace Love and Peace roses playfully flourish in a beautifully done hemp garden! Fun design for spring and summer! Matching earrings - Design #7109
Love and Peace Earrings Love and Peace roses playfully dangle from hemp. Fun design for spring and summer! Matching necklace - Design #7108
Pin Cushion Heart Brooch/Pendants
Opera Purse
Vitrium® clay formed into petal shapes and sprinkled with glitter creates an exuberant pair of earrings. Add seed beads on wires to the center to mimic buds of pollen on filaments.
River Rocks of Vrindavana
Swirl your favorite polymer clay colors together to elicit different emotions and form this simple, but stylish, bracelet design.
Can't find the perfect accessory? Make your own! Embellish a purse with a monochromatic color scheme for a touch of modern elegance.
Wear your butterfly garden on your sleeve with this floral cuff.
Bring some color to your metal clay creations by incorporating rhinestones and polymer clay accents.
Play with neon clay colors as you adopt the out-of-this-world shapes in this bracelet design. The vibrant hues keep things cohesive so you can play with patterns.
Two-Part Bangle
Karen Nelson beautifully depicts a moment from Native American life.
Make your Easter extra groovy with this bright pair of polymer clay egg earrings.
It looks like a vase, but don't be deceived. This amazingly detailed leaf bud is actually a storage box.
Hidden in the leaves, this forest friend waits to be incorporated into your next jewelry design.
Celebrate a tale as old as time with this bracelet. A polymer clay rose sits under a glass dome filled with Magic-Glos® resin--no falling petals here!
Practice clay millefiori to create the beautiful blossoms on these spherical beads. Add a dainty ribbon to complete this adorable look.
Night City Pin
2336 Resource(s) Found
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