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Simple Tips

Copper wire will patina, or darken and discolor, with age. If you prefer to keep your copper wire bright, coat it with a clear sealer or polish before stringing and let dry. Soaking copper in white vinegar will help to clean it.
Faraona Grand Prize Bronze Medal Winner Part of a Set with Design Idea 88XE

Can copper colored aluminum wire be patinated?

Neither aluminum wire nor colored copper wire can be patinated. Metals must be bare for any patina or surface chemicals to be effective.Sterling...

Quite the spectrum, this earring design links color-coated wire to create a fun and fabulous metal rainbow.
Green Lace
Razzle Dazzle

Can you use copper wire from electrical wiring to make rings and other jewelry?

Yes, stripping electrical wiring for the copper wire is a great way to recycle and can be used as a selling point of your jewelry. See the links...

Color with the lines. This design connects translucent crystal beads with a repetitive looping pattern of blue color-coated wire to give definition and shape.
Colorful rings abound in this lively design. Handmade jump rings and figure-eight loops in bright colors are accentuated by seed beads in neutral tones.
Red Gospel Jumble Bracelet
Let your wirework stand out in this design. Coated wire adds color and makes an excellent accent to otherwise monochrome designs such as this.
Memories of a Showgirl

Is nickel used in the making of copper wire for jewelry?

Copper can be alloyed with many different metals. Brass is copper and zinc alloy, bronze is copper and tin alloy and nickel silver is actually a...

Sealants, Coatings and Patinas on Raw Copper Wire

Visualize the effects of different sealants, coatings and patinas on copper wire with this handy guide. Use this chart to find the perfect look for your next wire project.
Create blooming winter garden branches with this necklace design constructed with blue color-coated wire, silver plated accents and Czech glass beads to represent icy buds.
Represent history and community with this chainmaille skirt. Handmade jump rings attached to a leather belt make a design great for cosplay or edgy everyday wear.
Grab a small container, like a watering can or ceramic pot, to create this magical scene of butterflies in flight. Add your favorite glass critters for even more fun!
Swirls of Pearls
3355 Resource(s) Found
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