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Faraona Grand Prize Bronze Medal Winner Part of a Set with Design Idea 88XE
Quite the spectrum, this earring design links color-coated wire to create a fun and fabulous metal rainbow.
Green Lace
Razzle Dazzle
Color with the lines. This design connects translucent crystal beads with a repetitive looping pattern of blue color-coated wire to give definition and shape.
Colorful rings abound in this lively design. Handmade jump rings and figure-eight loops in bright colors are accentuated by seed beads in neutral tones.
Red Gospel Jumble Bracelet
Let your wirework stand out in this design. Coated wire adds color and makes an excellent accent to otherwise monochrome designs such as this.
Memories of a Showgirl
Holiday Tree
Create blooming winter garden branches with this necklace design constructed with blue color-coated wire, silver plated accents and Czech glass beads to represent icy buds.
Represent history and community with this chainmaille skirt. Handmade jump rings attached to a leather belt make a design great for cosplay or edgy everyday wear.
Grab a small container, like a watering can or ceramic pot, to create this magical scene of butterflies in flight. Add your favorite glass critters for even more fun!
Swirls of Pearls
Desert Winds
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Chainmaille doesn't have to be tough all the time. Caged pearl beads give this earring design just the right amount of charm.
Cattleya Orchid
Flowerpot with Butterfly Glass Beads and Color-Coated Copper Wire Wire wrap a tree with glass bead foliage in a new way by twisting a ''butterfly bush'' made with copper wire and large glass butterflies in multiple colors. Potted in a quaint...
Have a small, extra container around the house? Create a new piece of cute home décor using wire and glass critter beads.
Swirls of Pearls
In a Swirl Thinking green is easy with a chunky pasture-green necklace made with large glass beads and natural copper wire.

Earrings with Glass-Based "Pearl" Beads and Color-Coated Copper Wire

Sculpture with Carnelian Gemstone Beads, Copper Beads and Color-Coated Copper Wire Make this whimsical and life-like dragonfly using red color-coated copper wire in various gauges, wire wrapped in interesting patterns to create wings, body and legs....
Inspired by Faraona (Italian for guinea fowl), this bloom of wire and gemstone honors the homeland of its feathered namesake with the African "turquoise" of which it's made.
Show off your inner sweetness with this contrasting design. Dark jump rings form cages around pearl beads, making a necklace with a subtle hint of softness.
Wire wrap playful Czech glass foliage and blooms to create a luminous garden-inspired candle holder and scent diffuser for your home.
Southern Sunset
Turquoise and Copper Wire Bracelet
Caged Pearl Chain Mai Necklace
Colorful Quartet
Camisole with Czech Glass Beads and Color-Coated Copper Wire Experiment with your own version of this double-looped Czech gold-medal winning wearable camisole. Combine any colored wire that is looped into links using any fine faceted beads to make a...
Little Tut
Tribal Turquoise
Design an intricate chocker necklace with scrolling loops of black color-coated wire and dotted with pale aquamarine Swarovski® crystal beads.
Add an additional artistic touch to materials, like this design with hand-painted mother of pearl components. The inky lines flow off the pendant and into the coated wire.
My Twin Stars Gold Medal Prize Winner As Featured in Beads and Beyond magazine November 2009
Spiral Galaxies
Ripe with powerful icons, this design features a feminine trifecta of aventurine, the ancient goddess symbol of fertility, and the phases of the moon.
Create a scrolling filigree necklace with memory wire. Add color by attaching glass pearls in dainty floral bouquets for a pleasing pattern of botanical bliss.
Candy Cubes II
Wild Flowers
Candy Cubes
Delicate silver coiled leaves dangle from double-wrapped loop links with antiqued silver beads, creating a pretty silver-tone faux chain necklace.

Single-Strand Necklace with Pewter Dolphin Pendant, Suede Lace and Color-Coated Copper Wire

Fairy Collar
Tranquil Nile
Victorian Sweetheart Necklace
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