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Adjustable Cord Necklaces, Bracelets and Anklets

This is a wonderful way to knot satin cords to create fully adjustable length necklaces.

Thank a Teacher: Leather Cord Necklace and Earring Set with Alphabet Beads and Apple Charms to Honor Teachers

The necklace is given a professional-quality finish with easy-to-use crimp cord ends that have loops for attaching clasps. Simply use flat-nose pliers to crimp the center of the tube between the two banded outside edges for a secure and...
Try your hand at a traditional-style cord braiding with modern, easily manipulated materials. Substitute the charms and colors of cord for a look that speaks to you.

Oh Soooo Groovy: Nylon Cord Necklace and Earring Set Featuring Oh! Rings™, Dione® Enamel Beads and Lazer Lace™ Floral Focal

Oh Sooo Groovy! Read about 1960 inspired looks and the products to achieve it.
Inner Beauty Make a simple black cord necklace featuring intriguing Hill Tribes silver wire-wrapped tube and donut components that appear to glow from within with a lustrous gleam.
Double-Axe Jewelry for Dad

I make glass pendants. I would like to use some kind of black cord to make an easy to put on necklace. What do I need and how do I make it? Thanks

To make a quick and easy, corded necklace from which to hang a pendant, you might like or . To finish either of these cords, choose or in the...

Turtle Bay
A Dog's Life How much is that doggy in the window? A picture window zebra-striped hoop pendant with a peek-a-boo pooch is strung on a twisted silicone cord necklace with matching earrings.
Heart for You

In Honor of Patriot Day: Unisex Leather Cord Necklace Featuring Red, White and Blue Preciosa Czech Seed Beads and Antiqued Pewter Alphabet Letter...

Sometimes jewelry just says it best. The powerful message spelled out in alphabet beads is touching and helps to show support for the people killed in the September 11 attacks.

I would like to make an adjustable leather cord pendant necklace and I can't find instructions on how to create the adjustable knot closure.

Follow the how-to video and illustrated instructions, to learn this versatile knotting technique. The adjustable knot works great with as well as...

Double-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Swarovski Crystal, Kumihimo Silk Cord and Wirework

Ever Watchful
Spinwheel Masculine style merged with simplicity is the message in this bright blue carved cinnabar pendant and leather cord necklace.
Fancy Raindrops
Earthen Treasure

Double-Axe Jewelry for Dad: Men's Cord Necklace Featuring Bamboo Beads and Double-Headed Axe Pendant

The double axe (also known as labrys or pelekys) was a symbol of the thunder god Zeus and his weapon to invoke storms. The oldest double-axe artifact has been dated 100,000 BC and was found in Northern Greece in 1963. The double axe has a long...

I have been making some necklaces with waxed cotton cord using a surgeon's style sliding knot. A few have been returned because the knots come undone. Any suggestions?

Make certain that the method you use to create a surgeon's knot is the same as shown in the "Knots Tutorial" how-to video and illustrated instruction...

1889 Resource(s) Found
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