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Ear Cuff with Crystal Passions® Beads

Ear Cuff with Hill Tribes Antiqued Fine Silver Beads and Crystal Passions® Beads

Ear Cuff and Earring Set with Acrylic Charms, Glass Rhinestone Chatons and Leather Components

Ear Cuff

A half-circle band or ring of metal which is pinched around the side or middle edge of the ear. The metal band or ring is often embossed. Some styles incorporate a dangle from the ear cuff, or a chain connected to an earstud on the same ear.
Empress in Ravenna

I am trying to imitate ear cuffs I have previously purchased. One end of the ear cuff is sealed by a bead glued to it. The other end of the ear cut is left raw. How do I soften the cut raw end of the ear cuff so that it doesn't scratch the ear...

If the raw end of the cuff is precious metal like sterling silver, you can hand file the raw end of the metal to a smooth finish. Filing plated...

Transport yourself into a world of fantasy with this ear cuff project. Wirework and Czech glass leaf beads transform any person into a mystical being in a snap.
Spice up earring designs by adding an earring cuff--more embellishment opportunities! No need to have an additional piercing with this finding that simply clips onto the upper ear.

Ear Hooks with Crystal Passions® Beads

Ear Frames and Ear Cuffs

Boldly going where ear jewelry has rarely gone before, the ear cuff has grown in size and popularity. Learn more about this booming trend here.

Ear Cuffs with Celestial Crystal® Beads and Resin and Antique Silver-Plated "Pewter" Charms

Asymmetrical Earrings

Matching doesn't have to mean each piece in the set is the same. Read this article and learn how to create a bold and fashion-forward look by harnessing the power of asymmetry.
Discover the magic that mermaids can weave with mermaid glass jewelry sets. Their beautiful matte colors bring an underwater blending to the vibrant hues of pinks, blues, and turquoises.

Cultural Inspiration: Indian-Inspired Wedding Jewelry

Break into vibrant color spectrums teeming with the beautiful, cultural influences of Indian weddings.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are the latest jaw-dropping jewelry style that makes an undeniable impression. Discover the secret to this style’s success in this article.

Clip-On Cool

Clip-on earrings were pillars of style in the 1920s and have been re-invigorated for the 2020s. Check out this article to learn why clip-ons are ideal for bold statement designs.

Earrings: History and Style Guide

Different earring styles suit different needs, and the findings make all the difference! This handy guide explains the unique benefits of each type of earring finding.
17 Resource(s) Found
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