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Torch Enameling by Dipping Into the Enamel

Dip heated metal into enamel for a quick and effective way to create enameled components and findings.

Glass Enameling Studio Safety and Tips

The process of enameling can be done in almost any size space. Enamels are applied to metal then fired with a torch or in a kiln. Depending on the space in your studio, you may need to perform these tasks in two different areas, which is not a bad...

Cleaning Glass Enamels

Cleaning enamels refers to filtering or washing out finer enamel particles to give you consistently sized enamel particles to work with. Clean enamels yield cleaner and truer enameled results. Depending on the application though, you do not need to...

Applying a Counter Enamel and Top Coat of Glass Enamels

When enameling on metal, depending on the thickness and the technique you are working in, it is advisable to enamel both sides of the piece. This process will help distribute the stress that is created during the enameling process and will help...

Using Iced Enamels

Lightly sand the surface of your metal bezel or silhouette with sandpaper.Apply thin coat of Cold Enameling Medium to the surface.

Setting Up a Safe Torch Firing Area and Firing Enamels with a Butane Filled Torch

Glass enamels are applied to metal for a beautiful and colorful finish. Enamels are fired onto the metal with the heat of a torch or kiln. When using a kiln for enameling, the target temperature is in the area of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. When torch...

Creating a Sgraffito Design with Dry Sifted Enamel

Sgraffito (skrah-fee-toh) is an Italian word that relates to the technique of scratching through the top surface to see the surface below. This technique provides a great way to create patterns and unique effects on an enameled surface.

Creating and Using a Wet Paper Stencil with Dry Sifted Enamel

Draw or trace a pattern onto copy paper, brown craft paper or brown paper towels. Cut out the pattern using scissors or a craft knife; as an alternative, punch out the design using paper punches.

How to Use an Alundum Stone

An alundum stone is an abrasive that will remove unwanted enamel from your design. You must work wet when using an alundum stone as the water helps remove the aluminum oxide residue created during the process and prevents you from inadvertently...

Prometheus® Bronze Clay Instructions

Prometheus® Copper Clay Instructions

Prometheus® Greenish Yellow Bronze Clay Instructions

Prometheus Sunny Bronze Clay

Prometheus Light Yellow Bronze Clay Instructions

Making Ball Tip Headpins Using Copper Zebra Wire

Place the end of one wire into the tweezers so the tweezers are horizontal and the wire is vertical. Ignite the torch and begin to heat the wire. For the heavier gauges of Zebra Wire there will be a small flame that chases up the length of the wire...
15 Resources Found
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