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The Extraordinary Gift of Beads and Jewelry

Looking to give the perfect gift but don't know where to start? Sometimes the best gifts are those that come from a place of love and appreciation for those special to you.

Gemstones Around the World

Discover the origins of your favorite gemstones from around the world.

What Does Jewelry Mean to Us?

What does your jewelry say? From cultural symbolism to psychology to group affiliations, this article delves into the complexity behind our jewelry.

The ''Bikini Necklace''

Bring bling and summer sizzle to your pool-side attire with this elongated necklace style.

5 Trendy Statement Necklaces

Say a whole lot without saying a word, by making and wearing incredibly popular statement necklaces. See why these five necklaces feature must-have style for any jewelry collection.

What Is a Cabochon? How this Jewelry Component is Made and Used

The shape (KAB-oh-shon) refers to a piece of gemstone (or other material) which has been shaped and polished, instead of faceted. Such stones have a domed front surface and a flat back. The process of creating this shape is called cutting , and...

A Better Bottom Line with Promotional-Quality Gemstone Beads

Promo beads can make your wallet and your customers happy. Read on to discover how these gemstone beads can enhance your jewelry designs as well.

Refined Beauty in Rough Gemstones

beauty of raw gemstone. Not all gemstones need to be drilled into beads for use in jewelry. Matchless and natural-looking weathered gemstone with smaller irregular chips next to the polished gleam of carefully manipulated wire is irrefutably...

Stress Relief Jewelry

Here are some design ideas that may spark your creative energy. These designs feature pewter charms, turquoise gemstones, coral and silver components:

Eye Beads of the World

There are many different variations of ICU, or "evil eye" beads. In Tibet and Mesopotamia, the mysterious etched agate gemstone eye beads are referred to as DZi (pronounced Zee) beads. In ancient Egypt, there is the eye of Horus known as the udjat...

Gemstone Grading

Our buyers are experts in the field with years of accumulated training and maintain ongoing training of industry standards and availability of gemstone materials. This article is offered to create an understanding of the intricacies of gemstone...

Turquoise Mines Closing in China

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has always had a passion for turquoise. You could say it's in our blood; after all, it is the favorite stone of owner Stuart Freedman. In the early '70s Stuart was a gemstone hobbyist, cutting rough turquoise into...

A Complete Guide to Turquoise

Learn what turquoise is, types of turquoise gems, typical gemological enhancements and buying tips for this popular blue-green gemstone.

A Sweet Tooth Summer

Summer treats are best served sweet. Enhance your seasonal lines with jewelry inspired by mouthwatering confections using candy-colored glass, crystal sprinkles and more.

Metaphysical Wedding Jewelry

Weddings already have a special energy to them, so why not harness that with metaphysical jewelry that further enhances the special day?

Rolling with the Rocks: The Role of Gemologists

Gemology is the study and identification of gemstones and a gemologist is the person who does that studying and identifying. Gemologists learn to recognize different gemstones by knowing the scientific properties of the gemstone materials and how...

Sweets Décor Jewelry

Appease your sweet tooth with this candy-cute article detailing different sweet-themed jewelry pieces. Just try not to get a sugar rush before you can go making your own confectionary creations.

Praying the Rosary

Praying the Rosary is one of the practices of Roman Catholicism. Many believers use their Rosary not only as a demonstration of their faith, but also as a form of meditation--especially in monasteries, convents and abbeys. In Catholic teachings, the...

How to Care for Your Embellished Garments

Embellished and bejeweled clothing is all the rage--rhinestone-encrusted jeans, beaded sweater sets, sequined dresses and gemstone-jeweled gowns and scarves. Although beautiful to wear, many of us shy away from such garments because of the special...

Men's Trend--Power Bracelets

Discover what makes men's stretch bracelets so appealing in this article about modern power bracelets.
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