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The Many Uses of Accu-Flex®

Discover the versatility of Accu-Flex beading wire with this informative article. Learn about different strand counts, finishing techniques and design ideas.

Easy Peasy Pendant Necklaces

Learn one of the best design secrets in jewelry-making! It's so easy peasy you won't believe ... oops! Almost let the secret out. Better find out for yourself.

How to Use a Bead Board

Make your designing life easier with bead boards. Learn the bead board types and how these tools are advantageous to the beginner as well as the high-producing professional.

Add a Little Something Extra to Jewelry Lines

Looking for new ways to add interesting finishing touches to jewelry designs? Explore two main, handy style tips that give jewelry a polished appearance and a little extra appeal.

The Wonderful Life of Dione® Jewelry

Making customized and changeable jewelry with large hole beads and charms is fun and easy with the Dione™ system.

Know Your Beading Wire

Learn to select the perfect beading wire to satisfy your needs. Key factors to consider are flexibility, resistance to kinking, strength and color.

Track it with Beads!

Jewelry can be more than just a beautiful accessory. See how to track anything with beaded bracelets such as medication schedules, work deadlines, and military deployments.

Stringing and Jewelry-Making Fundamentals

Bead stringing is the backbone of many designs; the rest can be done with a few jewelry-making fundamentals. Learn the fundamentals you need to create your own jewelry lines.

Fun with French Wire

Looking for a versatile wire that can be used as a junction, clasp or even an abrasion shield in jewelry designs? French wire might be your solution …

Master of Disguise: Top 10 Disguises for Jewelry-Making Mishaps

Oops! Were you almost done designing only to make a blunder so obvious the thought of trying to fix it creates instant regret? Here are speedy ways to salvage your work and make it better than ever.

Look! Beaded Eyeglass Holders

Eyeglass holders can be both fun and functional. Add some beads and they can become a fashion statement. Read this article for ideas on beaded eyeglass holders.

Czech Glass Beads: The Charm of the Small Factory

Did you know the purchase of your favorite Preciosa Czech glass beads supports individual families? Learn more about how these gorgeous beads loved the world over make it into your handmade designs.

Memories Out of Memory Wire

In this touching account, designer Kristal Wick explains how she used memory wire to create a wearable memorial. She wanted to share her experience and how to make these sentimental bracelets with you.

Hypoallergenic Jewelry-Making Components

Metal allergies--especially to nickel--are very common, but that doesn’t mean you should cut them out of your market. Learn about hypoallergenic materials for designing jewelry in this handy article.

How Many Beads per Strand?

Use this handy chart to determine the number of beads per strand according to bead size and strand length, which can vary from batch to batch.

Crimp Tubes

Crimp tubes are THE finding to keep your stringing projects intact and crimps have come a long way from the days of the little round piece of metal you "crush flat" to secure inflexible beading wire.

All About Clasps: A Clasp Style Guide and Easy Reference Chart

Learn all about clasps and how to use them in this handy guide.

A Dozen Ways to End a Necklace

Sometimes it's not easy to know how to end a necklace, especially when there are so many ways that you can start it. Well take a breath of relief, here are a dozen ways to help you.

A Guide to Bails

Ever wonder what a bail is? How do you use it and what should you look for to find what you need for your designs? All of that has been compiled in one handy location.

Cultured Freshwater Pearls

In this article and video learn everything about pearls … or at least a good start, such as how they are formed and harvested, pearl quality and how to tell genuine from imitation pearls.
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